Together against breast cancer: On 16 January we celebrate “Pink Monday”.

  • Ergobaby
  • Jan 16, 2023

The female breast is probably the most beautiful and comforting place for a baby: it provides warmth, nourishment and security.  They are also a symbol of femininity, have sexiness and can give you feelings of pleasure. Therefore, you should love and honour them and carry them proudly in front of you.  You read that right: Your breasts are great and deserve to be loved, cherished and cared for. Why do we emphasise this so much? About one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives, and to prevent it, good care, regular pat-downs/checks and a healthy lifestyle are essential. 

Together with Pink Ribbon Belgium – a non-profit organisation that fights against breast cancer – we as partners want to continue to draw attention to the topic of breast cancer and especially the so important preventive care and thus contribute to reducing the number of women suffering from breast cancer. A special, perhaps lesser-known day on which the topic of breast cancer may be discussed is Pink Monday. We would like to celebrate it with you today and remind you once again how important prevention is.

From Blue Monday to Pink Monday!

Did you know that researchers once used various formulas to calculate which day of the year depresses us the most? The result is: the third Monday in January. Among other things, because by then we’ve usually given up on our good New Year’s resolutions (oops). And it is precisely on this Monday, 16 January 2023, also known as “Blue Monday”, that our partner Pink Ribbon from Belgium has taken it upon itself to breathe a little more colour and life, pink to be precise, into this gloomy day and give it a useful meaning. The 2nd edition of Pink Monday with the theme “Pink is the new Blue” is from now on a day of hope, support and prevention. Therefore: Wear pink as a sign of solidarity on this day, take on something with which you do good for yourself, nourish yourself and be grateful – whether alone, with your child, your family or friends. Make your day colourful with a little touch of pink!

Get moving – for the sake of your breasts

Countless studies over the past 20 years have shown that increasing physical activity is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. Exactly how exercise can lower your risk of breast cancer is not yet fully understood. But it is thought that physical activity regulates hormones like oestrogen and insulin, which can promote the growth of breast cancer. But exercise also helps you regulate your weight and boosts your immune system.

All good reasons not to spend this Monday as a depressing day of admitting failed resolutions, but to use it as your new kick-off day for more exercise and a healthy lifestyle (unless you’ve been keeping your New Year’s resolutions consistently since 1st of January and are already exercising more and eating healthier food regularly).

How much exercise do women need?

Unfortunately, there is no magic number of hours we need to exercise to prevent breast cancer, but the German Cancer Aid advises an amount of exercise of three times 60 minutes of moderate exercise per week or five to six times 15 to 30 minutes. For example, brisk walking, dancing, leisurely cycling, yoga, but also gardening are ideal. And the great thing is: You can do these activities together with your baby.

Because our baby carriers are designed to meet the needs of all parents and can also adapt to all lifestyles. Just strap on your baby carrier and go for a walk, dance around the living room, or pick away the remaining leaves of winter. The Metro+ buddy is also a faithful companion on various sporty outings.

Carrying helps prevent breast cancer

Carrying also has another advantage: the physical closeness releases the hormone oxytocin. It promotes the flow of milk and thus makes breastfeeding easier. And that offers additional protection against breast cancer. Why is that? After puberty, the breasts are not yet fully developed and the milk-producing glandular tissue of the breast only becomes fully specialised during and after pregnancy. These specialised cells are apparently less likely to turn into cancer cells. So it’s fair to say that carrying indirectly helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer. And if you’re worried about being interrupted by your baby while you’re out for a walk, we’d just like to say: our baby carriers are also ideal for breastfeeding. So with Ergobaby you can lead an active lifestyle and reduce your risk of breast cancer at the same time. So, join us for Pink Monday on January 16th!


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