Ergobaby Love Story: Chloe Hudson

Ergobaby Love Story | Chloe Hudson | Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier in Black & Camel

Mother of two, Chloe from Derbyshire has her hands full with a toddler, a new baby and two dogs. With her eldest at 18 months and youngest at just 6 weeks, Chloe has found her Ergobaby carrier is really handy for getting out and enjoying walks. We asked Chloe to share her babywearing experiences with both her babies and why she loves her Ergobaby.

Which Ergobaby baby carrier did you use for your babies?
I have used and I am still using the Ergobaby 360. It is amazing!

Did you buy your baby carrier or was it a gift?
I was bought my baby carrier from my parents as a birthday present after my sister loved hers, I bought mine on the recommendation from her.

What age was your first baby when you started to carry them?
My daughter was 3 weeks old when I first started carrying her in my Ergobaby. I used the newborn insert and it worked a treat to get her off to sleep as well.

How did you find the Ergobaby carrier benefited your life in those days?
I was so grateful for my Ergobaby carrier in the early days. I have two dogs and really wanted to get out of the house and get fresh air. Having the Ergobaby 360 meant that I was able to get out and carry my daughter comfortably in the carrier and walk the dogs with ease as well. I also think that in the early days when your newborn baby only wants their mummy to be close by it means your baby can be close to you and you can still do jobs round the house, I also found it would send your baby to sleep so quickly.

What activities did you do while babwearing?
I believe the Ergobaby 360 is amazing when going out and walking. I used it for my daughter when she was 3 weeks old out on the walks and when she was 16 months old out on another walk. I also recently used the carrier for my son at soft play when I took my daughter but didn’t want to leave my son in the pram whilst I monitored my daughter on the soft play.  I also used the carrier for getting my son to sleep when he has been over tired.

Did you use the same carrier for your second baby?
I used exactly the same carrier for my son.

Ergobaby UK | ErgoPromise | credit : @pillarfamily Ergobaby UK | ErgoPromise | credit : @pillarfamily Ergobaby UK | ErgoPromise | credit : @pillarfamily
credit : @pillarfamily

What was the benefits of carrying your babies as they were older as toddlers?
The benefits are that you have your hands free and can still go and enjoy longs walks, can you tell I love to take it on walks? I also think a great benefit is that when going out like shopping you’re not having to take a pram with you as well you just need to take the carrier which is so portable.

How did the carrier help you out with having two children?
The carrier helps so much whilst I have my two young children. It means that when I go to playgroup with my daughter, I can put my son in the carrier and play with my daughter. It also means that I can take the dogs out on a walk altogether, and have my daughter in a pram and I don’t need a double buggy which is suitable for a newborn as well. It also meant that when my son was a newborn and needed me to be close, I could be close very easily.

What advice would you give you new parents who haven’t tried babywearing?
Try it you won’t regret it. Make sure you get help and support of how to properly babywear and you get the right carrier for you.

What do you love about Ergobaby?
What I love about Ergobaby is that it has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This gives me comfort to know that when I put my baby’s delicate body into the carrier it won’t damage their joints.

The baby carrier is so easy and comfortable to wear. When I put the Ergobaby on whether I am wearing my son who is 6 weeks old or my daughter at 18 months old it doesn’t feel like I am carrying much weight as the carrier is distributed so evenly across your body.

Any other comments:
I would say to anyone wanting to buy the Ergobaby 360 that they make sure they watch the videos that Ergobaby have done to show you how to properly wear the carrier. If you follow the instructions exactly it is the best baby carrier on the market.

You can follow Chloe on her blog about family life and more at @pillarfamily

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