When Everyday Hurdles Turn into Everyday Moments

Everyday Moments with Ergobaby Metro Stroller | credit : @treloweth on IG

Featured Image : @treloweth

Ah, isn’t it lovely? The warmer weather has come and, hopefully, it will live up to its name. Let it pamper you and put a smile on your face with its rays of sunshine.

And just to keep this smile alive in your everyday life, we recommend our Metro to you. Because anyone who combats the urban jungle with their young ones will inevitably encounter obstacles. And our Metro can make these obstacles disappear or at least make them less significant.

Because already when you’re on the way to the underground, the first challenges may be waiting for you: The lift is broken, or it is simply impossible to find. With the super-light Metro, this obstacle simply turns into an everyday MOMENT: Put your child on your arm, fold your stroller with just one hand and you’re off to the underground train. When going shopping in the small organic food store just around the corner, there is no need to fold the stroller at all as the maneuverable speedster takes the narrow aisles without any difficulty – even if you only have one hand free to steer.



Metro takes a break at the playground – but not for long, really. Because after your sweetheart has played around so much, tiredness sets in suddenly. With just two hand grips, you can turn the seat into a comfortable and well-padded surface. Just lower the backrest all the way back and fold up the footrest horizontally, and your little one can rest and sleep peacefully. A bit later, the next typical everyday hurdle waits at home: In the stairwell, there are already two strollers occupying your space – but with its compact dimensions, Metro still finds a place in between. Or it can be folded up and carried into your home easily.

Also, if there is a small or more significant getaway planed on your schedule, whether it is visiting the grandparents, a weekend away or even a long-distance trip, this stroller will be your perfect companion. Because when it is folded, with its carry-on baggage size it not only fits easily into even the smallest and most packed car boot, but even into the carry-on baggage compartment of most airlines.

So, let’s get going! Turn your everyday hurdles into merely everyday moments.