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Embarking on the breastfeeding journey? Explore our range of breastfeeding and weaning tips tailored to address sore nipples, milk stasis, and more. Dive into captivating blog content covering the beginnings of breastfeeding and the transition into weaning!

How to: Breast/chestfeeding a newborn – Everything you need to know for the early days with baby

  • Ergobaby
  • Apr 4, 2024

Breast/chestfeeding has so many benefits for mum and baby. But unfortunately, first-time parents with no experience are often unsure when it comes to breast/chestfeeding after birth. After all, they don’t know exactly what to expect. They hear and see a lot in advance. From glossy social media images of happy breast/chestfeeding to well-intentioned advice from…

Stress and breast/chestfeeding problems – what’s the connection?

  • Ergobaby
  • Mar 19, 2024
Baby breastfeeding

You’ve waited so long for the moment when you finally hold your little baby in your arms. This breath-taking moment, these incredible emotions, this miracle… And yet for many mums (and dads too), this moment heralds a phase characterised by expectations, pressure, and stress. Ideally, of course, this shouldn’t be the case. But unfortunately, in…

How to increase low breast/chest milk supply: The 10 best tips from our midwife

  • Ergobaby
  • Sep 14, 2023
Breastfeeding in Babycarrier

If you’ve just started out breast/chest feeding, you might be seeking guidance on how to gauge your baby’s milk intake, understand the causes of low milk production, and learn effective methods to increase milk supply. This is a common concern for breast/chest feeding mums. After all, your breasts/chest don’t have a full/empty gauge, so how…

World Breastfeeding Week 2023: Seven secrets should know about when breast/chest feeding

  • Ergobaby
  • Aug 1, 2023

Breast/chest feeding is very beneficial for your baby. That’s why World Breast/Chest Feeding Week is being celebrated again from the 1st until the 7th August celebrate all things feeding. This year’s theme is “Breast/chest feeding at work – know your rights”. If you are planning to return to work, training, or education whilst breast/chest feeding,…