Cooking with children: 8 reasons why it’s worth preparing your meals together

  • Ergobaby
  • Jun 27, 2023

Preparing a meal or your favourite snack together with your baby or toddler can be really fun. Even if you see images of splattered walls, squished ingredients on the worktop and a completely soaked child in your mind’s eye – cooking with children actually has many advantages for your little one and also for you as a family. Our experienced weaning coach Lola from DME Bébé in France will tell you what they are below.

  1. Encourage independence

Involving your child in meal preparation teaches them from a young age how to use the different kitchen utensils, but also how to do simple tasks like adding ingredients to the dish or mixing. If you are wondering how to do this with babies, there are two options: Depending on their age and abilities, you can put your child in their high chair and place the necessary ingredients on their little table so that they can reach them easily. Alternatively, you can carry your child in the front carry in your baby carrier (luckily you can wash it) and prepare the food together at the worktop. This is a fun way for your baby to develop autonomy without even noticing.

2. Strengthening self-confidence

The small tasks that your children do during the cooking activity make them proud of themselves and they feel a sense of achievement. The fact that you trust and have confidence in your child will boost their confidence in their own abilities. Remember to only give your child tasks that they can do, so that they don’t get discouraged, for example, stirring the porridge, spreading butter on the toast or mixing ingredients when baking. If your child is a little older, you can convert the Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 high chair into a kitchen helper. This way, your child can easily reach the worktop and is always in the middle of things instead of just being there.

3. Create shared experiences

Cooking is a wonderful way to involve all family members in the same activity from preparation to eating. You will strengthen your bonds and have fun together at the same time! Cooking together will bring you joy, laughter and pleasure! And even messy moments can be stories that you will tell for years to come.

Spending quality time with your family.

Ergobaby Evolve High chair

4. Improve communication

The kitchen and the dining area are the places in the house that connect you as a family and promote sharing. This is where everyone finds their place and can express themselves freely. The more time you spend together, the better. You create space for discussion and mutual support – and improve communication among yourselves.

5. Strengthen the senses

In the kitchen, all five senses are challenged and encouraged. When preparing meals, your children can sniff herbs, listen to the boiling water, feel different shapes and surfaces – for example of mango and kiwi – and of course also taste the individual ingredients. So let your children try out as much as possible, even if it might mean a bit more work for you.  This way you will build a better connection to food and the prepared meal.

Cooking with children:

6. Avoid Fears

You know those kids who won’t touch anything they don’t know? That won’t happen to you if you cook with your child right from the start. By constantly trying new recipes, they learn to appreciate foods they might never have tried otherwise. Exploring new tastes and textures while cooking can help your little one become more adventurous with new foods and avoid the risk of neophobia later on.

7. Promote a healthy, balanced eating style

Cooking together as a family is a wonderful way to show your children that homemade food tastes better than convenience foods or fat bombs from fast food restaurants. It is also an opportunity to pass on your cooking skills while teaching your children to make healthy, seasonal cooking choices. Such passed-on culinary traditions will last a lifetime and help your little ones eat healthier.

Cooking with children

8. Enjoying together

After cooking together as a family comes the long-awaited moment of tasting. And what about that moment of discovery? It’s simply a treat for the taste buds and a real moment of enjoyment together around the table that you share. So bon appétit!

Well, have you already got the urge to get together in the kitchen? Everyday helpers like our baby carriers or the Evolve 3-in-1 high chair can be a great help. Cooking with children is child’s play!