Making the Most of your Ergobaby Carrier’s Safety Features

Making the Most of your Ergobaby Carrier’s Safety Features

All our baby carriers are specially designed to keep your precious cargo safe and comfortable at all times, but don’t just take our word for it, we want to show you some of the features we’ve included in all our soft-structured carriers (our Adapt, All Position 360, Original and Omni 360 models) to help you and baby feel completely safe and secure using them:


  • Elastic loops – Each carrier buckle has a corresponding elastic loop, feed the buckle and all attached webbing through the elastic loops for extra security. Take a look in the image below and don’t forget to fold up any loose webbing.


  • Lift and pinch buckles (Omni 360 only) – Any buckles that could be reached by inquisitive hands whilst outward facing have a special feature to ensure they can’t be accidentally opened.


  • Baby privacy hood – Our baby privacy hoods aren’t just for privacy, they are also UPF 50+ to keep your little one’s face safe from the sun. Check out Vibes Like Us making great use of it in sunny California!

credit : Vibes Life Us


  • Adjustable bucket seat – Our carriers are all fully adjustable to keep your child’s legs in a hip healthy M-shape position (with their knees supported higher than their bum) in every stage of  development and in every carrying position. Take a look below to see this in action:


  • Cushioned, adjustable head and neck support for baby – Each carrier has an adjustable cushion to provide baby the best neck and head support depending on their size. See how it’s cleverly folded in on the image below to provide extra support to a teeny tiny newborn?


If you need any help figuring out how to use any of the above features correctly then head over to our YouTube Channel where there are a whole range of videos specifically created to help you customise the fit of your Ergobaby carrier, or reach out to us on social media, we’re always happy to help! You can find us on Facebook at @ErgobabyUK or on Instagram at @ergobabyuk.