Good for the environment and good for baby: Ergobaby’s sustainable baby carrier

  • Ergobaby
  • Jun 8, 2024
Aerloom Baby carrier from Ergobaby

Is there such a thing? A sustainable baby carrier? Absolutely, and not just one. Ergobaby baby carriers are all fundamentally sustainable due to their durability. They are regularly used for multiple babies across multiple families. But that’s not all. With many of our baby carriers, we already focus on sustainability in terms of materials and production too. We’re committed to leaving the world a better place for future generations. This month we celebrate both World Environment Day on 5th June and World Oceans Day on 8th June so we thought it was the perfect time to share the adjustments we are making so that Ergobaby and our products are more sustainable, and contribute to a better world. 

Sustainable baby carriers and products – our commitment at Ergobaby

It is our responsibility to make our planet a better place. Only then will our children – and all future generations – have the chance to live the life they deserve. And that’s exactly why we are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and develop products that last. 

We make sure that we design our baby carriers, wraps and other products, such as our baby bouncer or high chair, in such a way that they grow with your little one or even combine different functions (newborn and toddler carrier; high chair and kitchen tower; baby bouncer and toddler chair). This means you only need one product throughout the various stages of your baby’s development and across different usage scenarios, thereby reducing your ecological footprint.

High-quality and sustainable materials that you can rely on for years to come are also important to us. This means that your sustainable baby carrier from Ergobaby can not only be used from birth to toddlerhood (up to 20 kg depending on the carrier) with your little love or loves, but could even bring joy to other families too. In addition, all our Ergobaby baby carriers have an ErgoPromise Limited Lifetime Guarantee. This means that we will repair or replace any manufacturing or material defects for ten years from the date of purchase.

Sustainability starts with the packaging

In recent years, we have also taken a close look at the packaging in which your new favourites arrive. The result: we’ve reduced as much unnecessary packaging materials and environmental impact as possible and will continue work on this by looking for new materials with a lower carbon footprint. In 2022 we saved 12 tonnes of packaging material! 

And of course, all our requirements and social standards naturally also apply to our long-standing suppliers. On site, we regularly check that employees work in safe and healthy conditions and are treated fairly.

Ergobaby’s sustainable baby carriers: Comfort meets environmentally conscious design

As we have already emphasised, it’s incredibly important to us to design, manufacture and ship our products as sustainably as possible. However, some of our carriers stand out in particular.

Ergobaby Baby carrier Aerloom sustainable baby carriers

Ergobaby Aerloom: knitted from recycled PET bottles 

Our Aerloom baby carrier is Ergobaby’s first sustainable baby carrier. It consists largely of polyester yarn, 87% of which is made from recycled plastic bottles. State-of-the-art knitting machines knit our Aerloom in one piece from this innovative FormaKnit™ material. This allows the material to stretch and mould perfectly to you and your baby. In effect, approximately 26 plastic bottles (including the lid) are recycled per carrier. Everything that is not made of FormaKnit (buckles, sliders, etc.) is produced in a water- and energy-saving way with low air emissions, and carries the Bluesign certificate. The entire inner lining is made of 100% cotton.

But it is not only thanks to its material that the Aerloom is a particularly sustainable baby carrier. Each Aerloom collection is inspired by nature and only produced in small quantities to prevent overproduction. This also applies to our brand new gemstone collection, in which the Aerloom is now available. The latest designs Onyx, Citrine and Tourmaline not only shine in beautiful colours, but also bring the wonderful energy of the gemstone to which they owe their name. As they are only made in small quantities – when they’re gone they’re gone!

sustainable baby carriers Aura wrap,

Ergobaby Aura: environmentally friendly and super soft 

At the beginning of 2024, sustainable versions of the Aura Wrap were added to our range – with a choice of sustainable mesh or knitted version. The soft, supportive, elasticated material is now available in mesh fabric made from 36 recycled plastic bottles and a knitted version made from Tencel Lyocell – both sustainably produced. Although our wrap cannot carry your little one for as long (up to 11.3 kg) as our baby carriers, the Aura will continue to make everyday life easier for you with another baby or for neighbours’ or friends’ or family members’ babies for a long time to come.

Denim Carrier: sustainable baby carriers

Ergobaby Omni Dream Denim: old jeans brought back to life 

Our all-rounder Omni Dream baby carrier has also been available in soft upcycled denim fabric since 2023: the Omni Dream Denim. Ergobaby has teamed up with the New Denim Project® in Guatemala for this highly sustainable baby carrier. The project breathes new life into old denim fabrics. Without the use of chemicals, dyes or additional synthetic fibres, recycled cotton and denim waste are mechanically broken down and a sustainable fibre is produced. And this is what ultimately becomes our Omni Dream Denim. 

Approximately one pair of light jeans is upcycled per carrier, so that our Ergobaby carrier consists of 70% of this fabric on the outside and 50% on the inside lining. The result: a cosy, soft and absolutely sustainable 4-position baby carrier in a timeless denim design. By the way, the leftover material from the upcycling process can also be used as compost for growing specialty coffee in the Guatemalan highlands. Now that’s what we call sustainable. 

Ergonomic, comfortable, good for the environment – that’s our sustainable baby carrier

By choosing a sustainable baby carrier from Ergobaby, you have not only reduced your ecological footprint. At the same time, you are holding a baby product in your hands that makes everyday life with your baby easier while being ergonomic and super comfortable. And we promise you: we will continue to work to ensure that Ergobaby as a company pursues sustainability in all areas and reduces its carbon footprint. We owe this to our children and our planet.