Ergobaby Omni 360 scoops a 2019 Mother & Baby Award!

Ergobaby Omni 360 is a hit with mum testers at the 25th annual Mother & Baby awards

The Mother & Baby Awards celebrates the very best baby and pregnancy products. Products are tested by an army of mums whose verdicts help decide who deserves to receive the coveted rosettes. Each year hundreds of mums apply to be testers, and these are narrowed down to over 200 who are in the right stage of pregnancy or motherhood to test each product. This large team of testers means you can trust the Mother & Baby Awards 100% to make your buying decision easier.

This year the mum testers put the Ergobaby Omni 360, our all-in-one, newborn ready carrier, through it’s paces and awarded it bronze in the Best Carrier/Sling category.

Mum tester Amy told the judges “I have always struggled with babywearing, so was a little dubious when I discovered that I would be testing this. It’s safe to say that I am completely converted. I have used the sling every week and it has been absolutely brilliant. I have used it for so many things, including – but not limited to, walking the dogs, trips to the nursery, at the airport and whilst on holiday. Additionally, we were able to utilise it for both girls – so could carry our three-year-old on our back when the baby was sleeping in the pushchair.”

Recognising the ergonomic design of the Omni 360, reviewer Kerry said “This carrier makes life so much easier in every way, frees up your hands for when your baby is clingy, allowing you to carry on with your day. I was suffering with a bad back and hip displacement due to carrying my son – this product relieved the pain as the padded straps distributed babies weight evenly across my back. My son hates his pushchair so this allowed us to enjoy long walks and get out of the house.”

You can read the mum testers comments in full on the Mother & Baby website.

Having already won a Which? Best Buy earlier this year, this 2019 Mother & Baby award is another seal of approval for our Omni 360 carrier that provides the perfect fit for parents and their child.

Learn more about the Omni 360 online or visit your nearest stockist for a demonstration.