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Finding the right pacifier – How to choose the right pacifier/dummy for your baby.

  • Ergobaby
  • Aug 14, 2023

Have you ever wondered how newborn babies can intuitively suckle on their mother’s breast/chest? How can they do it so instinctively? It’s simple: sucking and suckling are innate behavioural mechanisms in young babies. Even in the womb, growing babies can be observed sucking their thumbs during ultrasound examinations. According to scientific studies, sucking has a…

What is hip dysplasia?

  • Ergobaby
  • Jul 23, 2023

Hip dysplasia baby: detect early, treat correctly. “The main thing is for the baby to be healthy” is so often said when parents to be are asked the preferred gender for the expected baby. However, not everything always goes smoothly with the physical development of your baby in the womb. It is not at all…