Holiday with your baby – Top tips for your first holidays with baby: What you need to know before you travel.

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  • Jul 16, 2023
Ergobaby Metro Deluxe stroller

Going on holiday with your baby is exciting but getting ready for a trip can feel more like work than vacation.

Travelling with baby can be intimidating, but it’s not impossible. The joys of discovering new places and the comfort of a hotel (where you don’t have to clean or cook), walks on the beach can put your mind at rest and recharge your batteries.

That said, whether you’re getting to your destination by plane, train or automobile, you’ll still want to prepare to ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible. Find out how our Ergobaby summer essentials can help you have a relaxing holiday with your baby.

What sort of accommodation to book on holiday with your baby?

The best way to travel with your baby will depend on time, location and budget – so take some time to work out what suits your family best.

Package holidays offer you the comfort of not having to worry about drinks and meal preparation when you book half-board or all-inclusive. Many family-friendly hotels also have a kids’ menu, so your children may discover new flavours whilst abroad.  

Most hotel restaurants will provide child friendly cutlery, high chairs and microwaves in the dining room for families. The most important baby equipment that parents should expect from the hotel with a little child is a baby cot. Usually, hotels indicate in their offer whether they can provide a crib to the room or not. This service is in most cases free of charge but it’s worth making sure. After booking your hotel room, contact the hotel to inform them that you will be coming with a little one.

Top Tips: To make your stay comfortable and peaceful for baby, ask for a room away from noisy areas like lifts, bars or busy streets. Don’t forget to use the Do Not Disturb sign when your baby is asleep, especially during the day. If you don’t want staff to come to your room at all you can request this at the front desk.

Alternatively, child-friendly holidays in the UK have never been more popular. After all, there is much flexibility in a self-catering cottage. Parents can prepare family meals in fully equipped kitchens and make the holiday home their own for the duration of their stay.

Catered accommodation usually means sharing a pool, living area and entrance. However, with self-catering you can enjoy privacy and serenity with only your loved ones around you.

Ultimately, your main goal is to make magical memories, explore new places and spend quality time together.

What do you need to pack to take a baby on holiday?

Besides nappies, baby food, a bottle (if baby uses one), suitable clothing, appropriate sun protection and everything else you need at home – it also depends on your type of holiday.

Discover our essential holiday products that can help you and your little one on your travels:

Baby Carrier:

No matter where you travel, your baby carrier is always a good companion. It provides reassurance, closeness, freedom and flexibility, and keeps your hands free while checking in at the airport, during your flight, strolling through your resort, exploring the local area, or taking family photos.

Sleeping Bags:

If you are going on a summer holiday, make sure you take suitable sleeping bags with you. You can find out here which TOG strength you need at which temperatures and what clothing your baby needs underneath.

Compact Stroller:

Small, light, handy and practical – a practical companion from birth and up to the fourth year of life. A compact buggy like our Metro+ Deluxe has an extremely small folding size and therefore not only fits in every car boot or train compartment, but even in the overhead bins on a plane. At your holiday destination, it allows you to go for relaxed walks with your child under the UV-protected sun canopy.

Baby Bouncer:

Are you travelling by car or camper van to go camping or have you decided on a staycation? Then a baby bouncer is a practical everyday helper that can be easily stowed away and is worth its weight in gold at your holiday destination. Our Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer is easy and handy to transport in the matching carry bag and allows you to take short breaks from carrying, for example when showering or cooking.

Ergonomic Nursing Pillow:

Breast/chest feeding is easy on the back – even in a camper van – with our Natural CurveTM nursing pillow. You’ll never regret taking it if you have the space! Especially on a camping holiday or in a holiday home. And the pillow can also help your baby with daily tummy time.

Ready for your holiday with baby?

Have you packed all our Ergobaby holiday essentials? If not, take a look at our website and perfectly equip yourself for your holiday with baby.

We wish you a wonderful time with your family!

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