Ergobaby AWAY vs. Omni™ Breeze and Omni Dream™

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  • Oct 9, 2023
ergobaby away vs ergobaby omni carrier

Everyday life is full of decisions, especially when you are expecting a baby or have just become parents, there is so much to think about, research and decide. We want to make your life a little easier when it comes to choosing the right baby carrier for you and your little one.

Here is a comparison of our Omni Breeze,  Omni Dream (Omni) and our new Ergobaby AWAY baby carrier.

Which baby carrier is right for you? Omni or the Ergobaby AWAY in comparison.

Ergonomic: All our baby carriers are certified by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V which means your baby will be carried in the most ergonomic position in the Omni and the Ergobaby AWAY.

Grows with your baby: Our award-wining Omni range are both designed to carry your child from birth up to a toddler’s body weight of 20.4 kg. Included in the carriers are an adjustable, padded headrest which provides optimum support and protection for your child’s sensitive head at any age.

The Ergobaby AWAY can be used from around 5.4 kg (ca. 4 months) up to a weight of 15.9kg.

You don’t have to make many adjustments to the Ergobaby AWAY and can quickly strap it on when you are on the go.

Easy to use: The Omni range offers an adjustable carrier seat for your baby’s height using the Velcro tabs. There are three size settings on the waist belt to guide you depending on your little one’s age and height:

Red for 0+ months (min. 50.8 cm/20 in)

Yellow for 2+ months (min. 61 cm/24 in)

Blue for ~9+ months (min. 71 cm/28 in)

The Omni range has easy adjustable sliders for front facing inward carrying and front facing outward carrying. When the sliders are fully up in the highest position, the fabric supports your baby securely, supporting your little ones thighs and knees.  

The Ergobaby AWAY carrier size adjustment is done via the connecting strap and the shoulder straps. This makes it easy to pass the Ergobaby AWAY onto other carers without having to adjust it much – whether it’s grandma and grandpa or a friend. The same applies to both: always make sure that the connecting strap sits in the middle of the shoulder blades when you lend it out.

Flexible: When it comes to carrying positions, the Omni™ Breeze and Omni Dream™ baby carriers have four ergonomic carrying positions:

Front carrying, inward facing.

Front carrying, outward facing. (From approx. 6mo old when baby has full head and neck control).

Hip carrying.

Back carrying.

With the Ergobaby AWAY you can carry in two positions – Front carrying, inward facing and back carrying. (From approx. 6mo old when baby has full head and neck control).

Compact: Do you need a baby carrier mainly for when you are on the go, settling your little one, or to have your hands free? Or does your baby like their stroller but you want to have the option to switch to a carrier when you want to keep them close or use at the train station when there are no lifts for your stroller? Then the Ergobaby AWAY is the baby carrier for you. As one of our lightest carriers, weighing 609 grams, it is ultra-small (packing size 27 x 15 x 10 cm) and can be rolled up and stowed in the integrated bag or in the hip belt, worn like a bum bag or over the shoulder. It fits in most handbags and change bags too!

The Omni baby carriers can be stored in the detachable storage bag. However, the storage bag for the Omni carriers is larger than the Ergobaby AWAY. For comparison: The Omni and Ergobaby AWAY in the storage bag.

Ergobaby Away and Omni Breeze in storage bag

Perfect for every carrying moment: All our Ergobaby baby carriers are designed so that you can carry your baby comfortably and close to you in every journey situation, short or long. The Omni baby carriers are designed to carry your baby for long stretches at a time. As the Omni carrier range has more padded shoulder straps and a wider, more supportive waist belt with integrated lumbar support, makes the perfect carrier for longer periods of carrying larger, heavier children, making it even more comfortable for the adult. It is perfect for day trips, sporting activities or hikes. The Ergobaby AWAY is designed for shorter carrying sessions thanks to its minimalist design and lightweight. A just-in-case carrier for the last-minute trips, “this took longer than I thought” moments, tired little legs, and everything in between.

Comfortable: The Ergobaby AWAY is very soft – just like the Omni carrier range. The Ergobaby AWAY is more flexible and less padded whilst breathable. The Omni carrier range comes in two versions – the breathable Omni™ Breeze baby carrier and the cuddly soft Omni Dream™ baby carrier. Because of its simple and lightweight design, the Ergobaby AWAY has lightly padded shoulder straps. Whilst the Omni is designed for longer distances, it generally has more padding.

Adaptable: Thanks to their design, both carriers adapt perfectly to different body shapes and proportions of wearers. This means they fit all parents and caregivers alike.

Durable: We promise at least 10 years of use for our baby carriers, and that’s with our ErgoPromise Limited Lifetime 10-year guarantee, which covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. So, you can feel completely safe with your growing baby carrier not only with your first child, but also with your second or third child, and you can also pass it onto friends and family so they can also enjoy baby carrying too!

Protection and safety: Do you want to breast/chest feed in your carrier in public? Or offer your child protection from the sun, wind and rain? No problem with the integrated hood. You get this with both the Omni range and the Ergobaby AWAY.

Here are a few points of comparisons:

Ergobaby Omni and Ergobaby AWAY comparation

Which baby carrier is the right one?

It is worth having both baby carriers as they cover the needs of different situations. As an all-rounder from birth, an Omni is always a good choice. It is perfect for use throughout the day or for long outings. If your trusty Omni carrier is in the wash and you need a carrier for those last-minute plans, or “just in case moments” or you’re travelling light – then the Ergobaby AWAY is the right second carrier. If you are still unsure about which baby carrier to choose, take our quiz to find out which Ergobaby carrier suits your needs.