Omni Dream Baby Carrier - Our Softest Cotton Carrier

Designed with 100% SoftTouch™ Cotton. This extra soft brushed fabric was made to keep you and your baby cosy and comfortable and provides all the carrying options you need as your baby grows, from newborn to toddler.

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Happy all around: The Omni baby carriers

Our best baby carriers for ergonomic and comfortable babywearing in four carrying positions

In the beginning, your baby needs you the most! To make the start into this world as loving and gentle as possible, a baby carrier is the best decision you can make for your child.

Our all-rounder - everything has been thought of: including you!

Especially with your first baby, everything is so exciting and new, and honestly, you just don't often know how things work properly. It's good, when at least babycarrying works without complications.
The Omni baby carriers have everything you need on board: A foldable padded headrest ensures maximum cosiness. And a stowable hood provides the perfect protection against sun rays, wind, and acts as a privacy for breast/chest feeding. A small pocket has room for everything you need to take with you. The Omni baby carriers adapt to you and your baby's body shape. They are almost self-explanatory in function and super easy to put on.

The Omni baby carriers – from newborn to toddler

Made of brushed SoftTouch™ cotton, the Omni Dream baby carrier is heavenly soft and provides your baby with a soft carrying experience - almost like skin to skin.
The Omni™ Breeze baby carrier maximizes breathability with its lightweight SoftFlex™ mesh fabric, keeping you and your baby comfortable all day long.
Our all-in-one - Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh baby carrier s suitable for newborns and offers four carrying positions. It's made of breathable mesh fabric to keep it nice and cool.
The Omni 360 Cotton has all the benefits of the Omni carriers and is made from premium cotton that is extra durable and long-lasting

Actively carry your baby in all weather conditions

Heating air dries out baby's mucous membranes, paving the way for nasty cold viruses. The best remedy for a sniffly nose is a walk. Grab the Ergobaby rain or winter cover and get out there!
In summer and heat, the breathable Omni™ Breeze with SoftFlex™ mesh material keeps it cool. And it does so for both parent and child. The baby carrier even placed 1st* in a test with comparable baby carriers. * Compared to other leading mesh baby carriers. Based on NPD data as of June 2020.

Ergobaby Omni - a baby carrier with bite

When babies are teething, there's often not a dry eye in the house for days. With the Omni carrier, you can comfort your baby while carrying and additionally protect the carrier with the matching shoulder strap protectors or bibs, offer your baby something to chew on.

Carrier for small and big explorers

You want to know how the different carrying positions work? Here it is explained to you in a video, pay attention to the different carrying modes. There are four in total:

Ergonomic comfort - also for mum and dad

The Omni baby carrier's crossover shoulder straps and wide, padded lumbar support protect your back.

FAQ Omni Baby Carrier:

What makes the Omni baby carriers so special?

The Omni Dream, the Omni™ Breeze, the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh and the Omni 360 Cotton offer everything you need in the beginning and through pre-school age.

Which baby carrier to buy?

The Omni Dream is great for snuggles, both indoors and out. The Omni™ Breeze is great for activities, especially in the summer because of its special breathability

Which baby carrier is recommended?

That always depends entirely on the needs of the parents. All Omni baby carriers can be individually adjusted and supplemented with accessories or replacement parts.

Can I breastfeed in the baby carrier?

Yes you can, the hood of the Omni Dream and Omni™ Breeze doubles as a privacy shield.

Where can I get a lower priced baby carrier?

Look for a second hand Baby carrier through our Everlove program (not available in UK). It's great for your bank account and great for the environment.

Which baby carrier is the best in comparison?

Everyone finds the best baby carrier for themselves. Take our quiz and see which baby carrier is best for you.