Curious about must-know tips for travelling with a baby and the gear that could make your journey a breeze? We've got it all here for you!

Benefit from our practical travel tips and find out all about the Ergobaby must-haves for travelling with baby.


The best tips for travelling with a baby

Plan Ahead: Travel during your baby´s nap times & start your trip on time.

Pack Wisely: Make a list & have the essentials like nappies, formula or breast milk, bottles, change of clothes and a favourite toy always at hand.

Travel lightweight: Choose a lightweight and compact travel stroller! Take as much as you need but the least possible.

Choose Comfort: Take a carrier or stroller that feels comfortable for you and your baby that can be used throughout your trip.

Dress in layers: As you change between inside, outside and perhaps even different climates – dress baby and yourself in easy layers so you can adjust for temperature changes.

Travel Essentials

Baby carrier & travel stroller - the perfect companions wherever you go.

Whether you're going to the supermarket, to visit friends, family or on a longer trip by car, train or plane. With a baby carrier and travel stroller, your next trip will be child's play.

Baby Carrier:

  • Gives you two free hands for luggage, travel documents, etc.
  • Gives your child a safe and secure place to relax and even sleep.
  • Gives you flexibility to go anywhere and discover everything. Overcomes stairs or uneven terrain with ease.
  • Can be the perfect place to breastfeed on the go.
  • Can be folded up small and stored compactly anywhere.
  • Is comfortable & ergonomic for you and your baby.

Travel Stroller

  • Offers enough storage space for everything you need on the go.
  • Allows your child to discover the world and enjoy a nap.
  • Is lightweight and compact and fits in any car boot, train or airplane overhead compartment.
  • Can be taken anywhere thanks to the carry bag.
  • The perfect alternative to a baby carrier.

Compact Meets Comfort

#1 Most Padded Seat

Measured against competitors, Metro+ is the #1 most padded premium, ultra-compact stroller, as tested by an independent 3rd party lab.

That’s ultimate comfort for baby!

Big comfort in a small package

Easily folds to fit in most airplane overhead bins, the smallest car boots and under your staircase. Weighing 16.9 lbs (7.8 kg).

Comfort for All

The adjustable handlebar on Metro+ ensures comfort for parents of all heights, extending from 95-105 cm.

Quiet time on Wheels

Baby can truly kick back and relax with a 175 degree recline and adjustable leg rest.

Maximum Airflow

Breathable and integrated mesh panel keeps little ones cool on every outing.

Ergobaby must-haves for travelling with baby


Grows with Baby

The Metro+ travel stroller combines everything a baby stroller needs to offer when travelling. It offers ergonomic comfort for parent and child, a storage basket that fits everything and flexibility so that newborns, babies and toddlers can discover the world on the go and better yet? Take a wonderfully comfortable nap. What's more, it shines in luxurious style and can be folded up small with one hand so that it really can be taken on any outing.

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#1 in airflow

An ergonomic baby carrier is a must on any trip with a child. It gives you two free hands for luggage and siblings, offers comfort all day long and gives your child a lot of security in every new environment when snuggled up close to you. The Omni Breeze is particularly practical: it is the No. 1 in terms of breathability and, thanks to its four carrying positions, is also particularly flexible, no matter where you go.


Your "Just in Case" Carrier

The Ergobaby AWAY is always at hand when things need to be done quickly. Lightweight, small and compact, you can take it with you wherever you go and thanks to its particularly easy use, it is ready for spontaneous carrying moments in a flash.

Flying with Baby:

  • Consider a bassinet seat and take a carrier for various sleeping options 
  • Feed during take of and landing to help with ear pressure
  • Take a compact stroller that fits in the overhead so you can take it in the airplane

Travelling by car:

  • Choose a compact stroller with a car seat adapter - this makes switching from car to outing child's play.

Travelling by Train:

  • Have your baby in your carrier for easy entering the train with all your luggage
  • Book a seat, favourably in the family section of the train
  • If you need a stroller at the destination – choose a compact one that fits through the right aisle

City Tour & daily adventures:

  • Choose a stroller with huge storage for all your stuff, sleeping options for short naps, and easy fold for every staircase
  • If you are exploring a city with a lot of public transportation and stairs – choose a compact carrier for your convenience

Visiting famil & friends:

  • If your baby is shy in unknown situations, a baby carrier offers safety & closeness
  • Take a baby bouncer with you so that your baby can interact with others and keep busy whilst being in the safety of their own space.

From parents to parents

Best Travel / Compact Stroller

"I’ve had this stroller for almost a year now and have really LOVED it! We have travel with it on planes three times and I’ve used it as my carry on so I could store it overhead and it fit perfect. My son is almost 2 and this is his favorite stroller, whenever he sees it he’ll ask to go for a walk. I really love the fact that it can go flat for naps on the go. It handled great on a lot of different terrain and pushes great! I now keep it in the back of the car with my main big stroller for smaller and shorter trips that I want my toddler contained on."

- Bailee B.

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