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  • Apr 29, 2024
Ergobaby Omni Breeze at the airport

In everyday life and when travelling with your baby, you will often find yourself in situations and places that are quite turbulent and full of stimuli for a little brain. In the supermarket, on public transport or perhaps even on a plane. Moments like these can be quite challenging and overwhelming for your baby. That’s where a baby carrier comes in! They simultaneously make life easier for you and keep your little one happy as they can be held close and safe in a cosy and ergonomic baby carrier. And which do we think is the best baby carrier for travel? Read on to find out…

Wherever you want to go: a baby carrier makes travelling easier

An Ergobaby baby carrier is your ideal companion when you are travelling. It simply couldn’t be more comfortable and practical. If you’re travelling somewhere that tends to be cramped and crowded, you’re perfectly equipped with your baby in a baby carrier. Your baby feels safe with you and can withdraw while you weave your way through the crowd. This also applies to the airport. From bag drop to boarding your little one won’t even notice the many strangers around you. And once you arrive at your holiday destination, a baby carrier like our breathable Omni Breeze is super practical if you’re in a warm climate and/or going on an excursion or heading to popular tourist destinations.

And no matter how long you’re travelling, the ergonomic Omni Breeze has a wide lumbar support waist belt, is well padded and distributes your baby’s weight evenly across your hips and shoulders. This means it really does remain comfortable for you for a long time. It is also comfortable for your little one as they are also well supported in an ergonomic squat-spread position – at all stages of development and in all carrying positions.

If your baby is already a little bigger and heavier, we recommend a back carry. This is like giving baby a piggyback, except that you have your hands free, and the weight is also evenly distributed over the shoulder straps and hip belt. You have freedom to explore and they get a great vantage point to discover the world right along with you.

A baby carrier is the perfect retreat for your baby

In some areas and cultures, it is normal for strangers to come very close to your baby and touch or stroke them without being asked. Babies are just so cute that they can’t resist them. If you have your little one in a baby carrier, this is harder for strangers to do, and you can avoid these situations more easily.

And since we’ve already touched on time: not only do you no longer have to look at your watch when you’re out and about thanks to the long-lasting comfort, but also because naps simply take place in the Ergobaby carrier. Baby feels safe and secure when they can hear your heartbeat, smell you and hear your voice when they inevitably drift off we call that Ergobaby Sleepydust! The gentle movements they experience as you move also play their part. They will transport your little one into the cosy sleep that they will certainly need with all the adventures they have with you.

Ergobaby Omni Breeze

Your baby decides for themselves how much they interact with their surroundings

The four different carrying positions offered by the Omni Breeze all have different strengths. Different positions are better suited to different environments.

For example, parent-facing on your front creates the safest space for your baby. They can explore their surroundings a little but can also simply burrow into your chest if necessary. The Omni Breeze’s sunhood (in the little zip pocket on the front of the panel) further enhances this effect and makes your little one virtually invisible to others.

When worn in a hip or back carry your little one can explore their surroundings more as they can move around more freely. If it gets too much for them, they can decide for themself when they want to duck away and cuddle in.

World-facing is a great way to share the world with a baby who is developmentally ready to outward face (has full head and neck control and clear the carrier panel with their chin – usually around 5 months). We do not recommend the outwards-facing position if you are in a busy environment with lots of people and/or stimulation. Although your baby is close to you and ergonomically positioned correctly in this position, they have no chance of turning away if it gets too much for them. Ideally, you should only carry your little one in this position in calm situations with little stimulation. We have a handy checklist of all the things you should bear in mind when carrying your baby outward facing.

The best baby carrier for travel

Whenever you might find yourself in a crowd, when travelling or on a day trip, it makes sense to have a baby carrier with you. In terms of quality, safety, and ease of use, it is an unbeatable helper in both everyday life and when travelling. You can put it on in no time at all and your baby can relax in it – even when there’s a lot going on around you. A few clicks and you’re ready to go. And while we do think that our Omni Breeze is the best baby carrier for travel, we always recommend taking our “Which Carrier is Right for You?” quiz over on our website before making any decision. For more tips about our everyday and travel aids, take a look at our new Ergobaby travel pages.

Best baby carrier for travel

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