Baby Wearing: How to stay dry and warm all year round

  • Ergobaby
  • Oct 6, 2022

Walks through the countryside, dog walks, play dates in the park or a visit to the zoo with the whole family. We spend a lot of time outdoors, and we want to keep doing the things we love throughout the year, through every season.  

Ergobaby HQ have been hard at work in our product development department. We can share our two new babywearing must-haves for all outdoor parents. Our wind and rain covers and All-Weather baby carrier covers.

If you are wondering what a baby carrier cover is and the difference between wind and rain covers and winter covers, keep reading and we will share some helpful tips.

When you are baby wearing, your own body heat is the best way to regulate your baby’s temperature. You provide cosy protection and appropriate cooling at the same time.  

This is only one side of the coin… or rather baby carrier. Mother nature can be temperamental. Creating unexpected wind or rain showers which can be unfortunate when you are enjoying a lovely day out with the family. Babies are not yet able to regulate their body temperature to cope in a rain shower. This means they can become more susceptible to illness if they feel wet and cold.

During cooler seasons, using a baby carrier cover is the best solution for when you are out and about. They attach to a baby carrier using just a few poppers. They are a quick and practical solution to protect your child from the elements.

There are also a wide range of adult babywearing coats and jackets available to buy. These are specifically designed to fit a baby carrier. Babywearing coats come with removeable babywearing and maternity panels, so you can use them during pregnancy, when you are babywearing and as an everyday coat.

Rain and Wind baby carrier cover. Ideal in mild temperatures   

Our Ergobaby Rain and Wind cover has a water-resistant, lightweight outer shell with large vents to assist with airflow. When it’s not in use, it folds up and stores away into a removable pouch. You can attach the pouch to a baby carrier’s waist belt.

The side pockets protects your hands and provides a little warmth in wet weather.

To adjust the cover to the size of your baby by adjusting the flexible hood and the adjustable foot area. You can use the Rain and Wind cover in both inward and outward carry positions.

Top tip: To protect your little one from an unexpected rain shower, take your baby carrier cover with you folded into the pouch of one of our Omni carriers.

All Weather baby carrier cover – warm and cosy in cold weather

Our all Weather cover is ideal during Autumn and winter for protecting your baby from the cold, wind and rain. You can use it as an extra layer of clothing, simply pull it over your baby carrier and you are ready to go. The Ergobaby All Weather Cover consists of a water-resistant, quilted outer shell and a soft, fleece-lined inner lining. This keeps your baby cosy and protected in cooler weather. The fleece-lined pockets keep your own hands nice and warm and dry during walks.

The all Weather cover can be attached to all Ergobaby carriers and most other carriers with the help of poppers. You can adjust to the size of the child easily and can be used in the inward and outward carry positions.

In addition, this cosy companion can be compactly stowed away in the integrated zip pocket under the quilted layer. You and store it easily in your change bag or pushchair basket.

Babywearing in extremely cold temperatures.

You always need to protect every part of your baby that is exposed to the elements. In cold temperatures, focus on their feet, legs, hands and head. A baby carrier replaces one layer of clothing.

Top tip: keep in mind that your baby does not move by themselves, so does not generate their own body heat while in a carrier.  To ensure your little one stays in the natural M position when carried during cold temperatures, opt for several layers of clothing. Choose warm natural materials such as wool and silk. A fleece or woolen rain suit provides protection, as does a warm hat and woollen booties. If temperatures are very cold, you not want to stay outside for a long period. It is best to use a babywearing coat or stay at home in icy temperatures.

However cute a baby in a snowsuit is (😍), it’s important that your little one doesn’t wear one when they are in a baby carrier or wrap. Not only could it cause them to overheat, but padded snowsuits can prevent your little one from sitting in an ergonomic, safe carry position. This is particularly important for very young babies, as if they are not safe and snug in their carrier or wrap. Their airways may not be adequately supported. Fleecy onesies can be okay, as long as baby is adequately dressed underneath them. Make sure they aren’t too bulky (aka they allow correct M position), and there is no fabric covering baby’s face.