Sling Library Spotlight : The Bristol Sling Ladies

  • Ergobaby
  • Dec 14, 2018

In the last of our series, we’re putting The Bristol Sling Ladies in our “Sling Library Spotlight”!




Details of all our sling library meets and services can be found on our Facebook page, and via our website. We have in excess of 200 slings available to hire, so there is plenty of choice and we’re sure to be able to find one to suit you and your infant.


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Since we want slings to be accessible to all, we offer a free four week hire of stretchy wrap or Close Caboo to all babies under 6 weeks. We just ask that a fitting fee of £5 is paid, along with a cash deposit of £20. After the 4 week hire, it can be extended for a further 12 weeks for £20.

We also welcome invites to Baby and Toddler groups and Breastfeeding groups in and around Bristol and South Gloucestershire to talk about the benefits of slings and demonstrate how they can be used safely.





Top Questions

Can you tell me which the best sling is for me?

Like jeans or shoes, when it comes to slings, one size does not necessarily fit all. It’s important to find a correctly fitted sling that works for both you and your baby/infant. You may find that what suits you doesn’t suit your partner and vice versa. It’s definitely worth trying a few out before parting with what can be a significant sum of money.

When choosing a sling, it’s worth considering what you want from it. Is it something that you will use on a regular basis: allowing you to walk your dog/s, or keeping your newborn close, or even feeding while taking your toddler to the park, using so that you don’t have to struggle with a pram on public transport. Hiring a sling for 2-4 weeks before committing to buying one allows you to figure these things out, and also decide what are the ‘must have’ features.

Remember that most expensive doesn’t always equate to best. There are a large number of slings that aren’t available on the high street and you may in fact find these more comfortable, or easier to use and often cheaper. Sling Libraries often have a wide variety of slings for you to try and have discount codes available for customers to use with online retailers. If you have a budget in mind, a sling librarian can often direct you to preloved selling sites, and help you avoid buying a fake or dodgy sling.

As the weather gets colder, what should my baby wear in the sling?

When dressing baby to go in a sling, you need to be aware of the extra layers that the sling itself will add. This could be up to three layers with a stretchy wrap or a Close Caboo and baby will also be getting warmth from your body as well. We advise people to dress their baby in thin layers, rather than adding a bulky jacket/cardigan or padded suit, as these can restrict baby’s ability to get into an optimum position and also cannot be removed easily without taking baby out of the sling if you are going from outside to inside and differing temperatures. Remember to protect baby’s extremities so a hat and warm socks/booties are a must. You must also be mindful not to wear anything that will obstruct your baby’s airways, such as a scarf wrapped around your neck.


Upcoming Events

Sling Library & Clinic at the Milk Shed (Fortnightly)
18th December 2018,
10:00 – 12:00

The Milk Shed, Bedminster,
Sling Library Social (Fortnightly)
20th December 2018,
10:00 – 12:00

The Old Library, Eastville
Sling Library & Clinic at Babes@Zion
21st December 2018,

Zion Café, Bishopsworth,
BS13 7JW


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