New sustainable baby carrier – The Omni Dream made from 100% cotton denim.

  • Ergobaby
  • Aug 7, 2023
upcycled denim carrier

We love denim, especially when your favourite jeans fit perfectly! There is almost no other piece of clothing that fits so comfortably to spend your day in. And now you can get that feeling for your baby carrier too. A little bonus: You’re also doing something for your ecological footprint! Because Ergobaby has teamed up with the New Denim Project®, a sustainable design lab in Guatemala, to create the Ergobaby Omni Dream Denim. The ultra-soft design of our popular baby carrier is made from 100% upcycled denim fabric, helping to reduce waste in the textile industry and conserve important resources on our planet.

The first Ergobaby baby carrier made from 100% cotton denim.

The New Denim Project®, a family-run design lab in Guatemala City, promotes an environmentally conscious approach to fashion production. They are committed to transforming our economy from a linear system to a circular system.

What does that look like?

Old denim is given a new lease of life. By mechanically breaking down recycled cotton and denim waste from local garment production – without the use of chemicals, dyes, or addition of synthetic fibres; a fresh, sustainable fibre is produced that can live on as something new. For example, our denim baby carrier. Each Ergobaby Omni Dream Denim uses about 400 grams of upcycled denim and cotton fibres – the equivalent of about one pair of light jeans.

The Omni Dream Denim is made of 100% cotton denim – 70% upcycled fibres in the main part and 50% in the inner lining.

So, you get an ultra-soft and sustainable baby carrier, as comfortable and stylish as your favourite pair of jeans. And the leftover material from the upcycling process goes to regional coffee farmers and serves them as compost for the cultivation of special coffee in the highlands of Guatemala. After all, cotton fibres are 100 per cent natural and therefore compostable.

Omni Dream Denim: Sustainability combined with functionality and comfort.

The Ergobaby Omni Dream is one of our best-selling carriers. Made with 100% SoftTouch Cotton, its brushed fabric keeps wearer and baby cosy and comfortable.

Like all carriers in the Omni range, the Omni Dream is suitable from birth to toddlerhood (7lbs-45lbs / 3.2kg-20kg) and offers all four carry positions (front inward facing, front outward facing, hip carry and back carry), making it the only carrier you’ll ever need.

Simple to use with a number of clever features, the Omni Dream is designed to make parents and carers’ lives easier.

High-tech sliders allow for easy switching from inward to outward facing (and back again). Cleverly designed side pockets and removable pouch make organised storage easy, and a tuck-away hood gives breast/chestfeeding parents privacy and baby weather protection.

Like every product in the Ergobaby range, the Omni Dream supports baby in a hip-healthy “M” shape position, at all stages and in all positions, including outward-facing. The padded Lumbar support for extra back comfort too!

Each carrier comes with the ErgoPromise 10-year guarantee, sending a clear message to parents all over the world that as their families grow, Ergobaby products will be there every step of the way.

To keep your baby carrier looking like brand new, we recommend that you clean your Omni Dream Denim in a 30°C machine wash, do not bleach and line dry. Please do not dry clean or iron.

Handy hint: close the carrier shoulder clips and waistband clip and pop your baby carrier inside a pillowcase to protect the washing machine drum. Alternatively, use the new GUPPYFRIEND wash bag to protect your baby carrier even more during washing. The wash bag catches and prevents synthetic microfibers from entering the environment through wastewater. Whilst reducing pilling, extending the life of your baby carrier and other synthetic clothes.