Ergobaby is celebrating World Cleanup Day as a pledge to support our world in reducing global waste pollution

  • Ergobaby
  • Sep 16, 2022

World Cleanup Day unites millions of volunteers, governments and organisations in 191 countries to tackle the global waste problem and build a sustainable world.  

During World Cleanup Day 2021, 8.5 million people across 191 countries collected over 43,000 tons of waste. Of course, we at Ergobaby, together with our families and friends, also actively helped with World Cleanup Day. After all, pollution affects us all – and everyone can do something to keep the world around us, our nature and our oceans healthy and clean.

Reducing waste together: What Ergobaby is doing.

Collecting rubbish every now and then on World Cleanup Day is all well and good but we as Ergobaby want to contribute to change all year round, for long term success.  

Part of our company vision is to help achieve a healthy earth, nurtured to meet the needs of present and future generations That is why we have had our carbon footprint measured, starting from the raw materials we use in our products and how we manufacture them. We have set ourselves reduction targets and strategies to achieve these targets and we have given a lot of thought as to how we can reduce the amount of waste overall.

Two key initiatives we have introduced recently are:

1. Aerloom baby carrierExperience sustainability and lightness in a new design

The first baby carrier made from 87% recycled plastic. We have reduced our carbon footprint by reducing waste in the manufacturing process, our carrier through better designs, more sustainable raw materials, innovative manufacturing techniques and simplified packaging.

For us, caring for our children and caring for the planet go hand in hand. That’s why the Ergobaby Aerloom is made from yarns made from used, recycled plastic (certified by Global Recycled Standard). Buckles, sliders and everything that is not made from FormaKnit is also Bluesign® certified. So it is produced in a water- and energy-saving way with low air emissions. The entire inner lining, as well as the hip belt lining, are made of 100% cotton (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, of course).

Each Aerloom collection is produced in small quantities to avoid excessive stock, and each carrier comes to you in a recyclable shipping box. So by buying this baby carrier, you can do something good for your baby and yourself, while keeping your carbon footprint low.

2. Everlove – Extends the love of our baby carriers.

In 2021, we launched Everlove in our EU markets. Through this program, we are building a circular product system that keeps baby carriers in use for longer and provides greater financial access to our products. Keeping products in use is one of the best ways to save the resources that go into making a new product. In fact, Everlove carriers save 90% of the CO2 emissions compared to making a new carrier.

How does Everlove work?

You send us your used Erogbaby baby carrier to be re-sold. As a thank you, you will receive a voucher. We will then re-condition the Ergobaby baby carrier by cleaning it, and if necessary, repairing anything before reselling the item at a reduced price.

How can you support pro-active change?

You don’t have to get too creative to do something for a better world.

Here are some tips on how you can become part of the clean-up movement:

  • Join us for World Cleanup Day on the 17th September.

Whether with your friends, work colleagues, your family or your school class, being active together is more fun. Collect rubbish from beaches, riverbanks, parks and meadows in your local area.  Top tip: Decide on a joint reward beforehand, such as an ice cream or a pizza together.

Find more information here about World Cleanup Day 2022:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing our Aerloom baby carrier.

And if you are satisfied with our sustainable baby carrier, tell us by reviewing and rating the carrier on our website.  With every review of our Aerloom baby carrier, you not only help other parents to make more sustainable decisions, we also donate €5 per review to the environmental organization The Ocean Cleanup: non-profit organisation develops innovative technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic and has set itself the goal of removing 90% of the plastic pollution floating in the oceans.

Source : The Ocean Cleanup
  • Extend the love of our baby carriers through Everlove.

Send us your pre-loved Ergobaby baby carrier or browse Everlove yourself if you don’t necessarily need a brand-new baby carrier. You can bring joy to another family and contribute to sustainability.

  • Use reusable coffee cups for the coffee run.

Remember to take your own re-usable cup for your coffee on the go. And if you do purchase any food with packaging that is recyclable, please use public recycling bins.

The best way to reduce your waste on the go is to place your food into appropriate airtight food boxes at home. This can not only keep your food fresh during a day out with the family but prevent a breeze from accidentally carrying your food packaging away during your lunch break. And yes, it has happened to us too… and the children even more so!