CARiFiT X Ergobaby : New Workouts for 2019!

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Get Active while Babywearing in 2019 with CARiFiT

In January, you will notice that our workout partners CARiFiT have changed the content that you are getting each week.

This year you can expect a complete year long catalogue of workouts that you can use over and over again whatever your starting fitness or when you have your baby… there will always be a month that is just what you need and it will sit as a great workout library that you can send friends to and enjoy working out together.

CARiFiT workouts are taught live in the UK and are available online via the CARiFiT Online Members portal. They are used and approved by doctors, midwives, women’s health physios and host of other paediatric facing professionals.
January with CARiFiT is all about getting the body moving again and more efficiently than ever before. So the workouts are all based around big multi muscle movements that target lots of postnatal problem areas to build strength and endurance where new mums need it the most.



These workouts are almost endlessly adaptable to suit all fitness levels and starting points so have no fear… read on and they can be tailored to suit you whatever your starting fitness level.

The way to adapt these moves is to alter the 2 key elements so that they are challenging but also so that you can maintain proper form throughout your workout. These key elements are Range of Movement and Load.

So if you are just starting out you may want to start with a smaller range of movement than is shown in the videos and build up to what you see. You may also want to start by using just your bodyweight and you can add in a small set of dumbbells as and when you feel able and confident that it won’t negatively impact on the quality of movement that you produce.

This month you can expect 2 heart rate raising whole body workouts a brand new core workout with a detailed explainer and extra support form CARiFiT if you want it and a masterclass so that you can really nail down your technique and make the most of your workout and get the results that your efforts deserve.

In preparation for all the fun to come you can find our CARiFiT X Ergobaby workout guide at and you can get lots more support and postnatal fitness information across the CARiFiT social channels :