Breastfeeding/ Chest feeding in our Omni Baby carriers

  • Ergobaby
  • Jun 18, 2022
nursing carrier omni dream pink quartz

For all those who didn’t know it yet: Baby carrying and breastfeeding/chestfeeding is an unbeatable combination. There are even studies that show that intensive physical contact between mum and baby promotes successful breastfeeding/chest feeding and that the use of a baby carrier can even outweigh the negative effects of a complicated birth or initial separation.

So if you want to breastfeed/chestfeed your baby, it is worthwhile to carry him or her as often and as close to you as possible. Especially after birth, letting your baby crawl to your breast while lying on your mother’s stomach is the most important building block for starting the breastfeeding/ chest feeding relationship. The physical closeness also stimulates milk production through the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin. Of course, it’s no wonder that your little one gets wind of this when you’re out and about in the baby carrier and wants a sip.

Especially now that summer is here (almost), you’ll probably be out and about more. And there is not always a quiet corner to put your darling in. So it’s all the better that we’re all a little lighter in the summer. This provides the ideal conditions for breastfeeding/ chest feeding your baby directly in the carrier. If you’re thinking, “Phew, it’s already so warm and I still have to deal with the heat when I’m breastfeeding/ chestfeeding?” Then our most breathable baby carrier, the Omni Breeze, is ideal for you. Thanks to the particularly air-permeable SoftFlex™ mesh fabric, you will stay pleasantly fresh even in summer.

Omni Breeze in Sage Green and Blue Lavender

Breastfeeding/Chest feeding in a baby carrier – that’s how it works:

But how do you go about breastfeeding/chest feeding in a baby carrier? Here are a few basic tips and instructions for our Omni carriers:

1. If you are breastfeeding or chestfeeding, it makes sense to wear a breastfeeding-friendly top at any time of year. The breezier and the less fabric, the better for feeding comfortably in the carrier.

2. Find a shady spot. Here you can breastfeed/chest feed standing up or sitting down.

3. Are you worried about someone looking at your chest? With the help of the sunhood hidden in the main body of the carrier, you can give your baby a darkened space to drink and protect your breast from unwanted glances. If that’s not enough, you can also put a cloth over your shoulder. Make sure that your baby gets enough air and does not overheat. The side of the face should always remain uncovered.

4. Of course, breastfeeding in a carrier takes some practice and depends a little on your own anatomy. If you have very small or very large breasts, you may have to experiment a little longer until you find the right position. And newborns who are not yet very experienced at drinking are often more difficult. So it’s best to practice a few times at home to avoid stress on the way. Look for early signs of your baby (crying is desperation), because a thirsty, crying baby and a stressed mum are not a good combination for relaxed breastfeeding.

5. Find the right position: Slightly loosen the waist and shoulder straps so that you can let your baby’s bottom slide a little lower – as far as necessary to allow him to reach your nipples in a relaxed way (see video).

In any case, put an arm around your baby to protect him or her so that he or she does not somehow slip away in the loose position and does not slump down. The back should always be well supported.

After breastfeeding, tighten the straps again and check that your baby is supported in an age-appropriate way and that the hips are in the M-position.

How did it go? Remember it can take time, practice is perfect. If you don’t own a baby carrier yet, we would like to recommend our new Omni collections. Our most popular summer carrier, the Omni Breeze, is now also available in the great colours “Sage Green” and “Blue Lavender”. And our softest cotton carrier, the Omni Dream, is ready for your carrying and breastfeeding adventures in the new colour “Pink Quartz”. Take a look at our online shop and choose your favourite carrier …

Omni Breeze in Pink Quartz

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