To all Dads: You Play a Major Role

Happy Father’s Day to the new dads, the stay at home dad’s, the dads that miss things while they’re at work, the dads who have lost their loves, the dads reading this on the loo where they’re hiding, the dads absolutely crushing it, the dads barely holding it together, to anyone that considers themself a Father in any way…

With the upcoming celebrations we asked ourselves: What would your baby write on a card for Father’s Day, if he already could?  “Dear Dad, when you carry me, I feel safe and secure. On your chest I enjoy your warmth and your very own dad scent. I stay calm with your regular heartbeat and the gentle vibrating of your chest when you speak with your deep voice or sing for me – and yes, even when you snore.  I like to bury my nose in your chest hair and love exploring the world from so high up.  You make the best jokes.  Dad, you help me to learn how to trust. You help me to develop healthily. You show me that I am loved and welcome in this world. Dad, you’re my hero!”

Advantages of babywearing for dad and baby

As you have already noticed, the role of the father in the first months is not only to watch mums back and support her as you don’t have the breast to nurse. On the contrary: closeness and skin contact with both parents is especially important for your baby. And precisely because fathers can’t breastfeed, the baby carrier is not only a wonderful way to relieve mum, but also to specifically build up your daddy-baby bond with lots of closeness in everyday life. And hey, fortunately the days are over when only colourful slings with a length of six metres were available. Modern baby carriers are easy to put on, they come in subtle colours suitable for dads, they are ergonomic and also made for strong daddy shoulders. And you will see: With your offspring in front of your chest, not only will mum and baby give you lots of love and appreciation – you will also earn one or two heart-warming looks while shopping or on the street (though that shouldn’t be the reason to do it). Why? It’s just great when dads carry their babies! Every one of us would probably have wished to be so close to daddy’s strong chest as a child. Unfortunately, babywearing wasn’t so trendy “back then”. And we could only enjoy the feeling of discovering the world on daddy’s shoulders much later.

So babies also need daddy’s closeness. A Taiwanese study has even shown that intensive skin contact between father and child not only helps them to accept the paternal role, but also has effects on the child, such as the regulation of temperature, pain, bio-physiological markers and behaviour. And you can support this after the postpartum period and into toddlerhood with a baby carrier. In everyday life, while shopping, cleaning, relaxing – whenever you like. Because the practical thing about baby carriers is that they leave your hands free.

Which carrier is best for dads?

It’s impossible to say: just as every mum’s body is different, every dad has a slightly different build. So as always, try the carrier out with your child until you find the best fit. However, we can say from experience that certain Ergobaby baby carriers are particularly popular with dads. These definitely include our mesh versions, such as our all-rounder the Omni Breeze carrier the Adapt SoftFlex™Mesh or the latest from Ergobaby, the Embrace Soft Air Mesh baby carrier. But shall we tell you something? We have often heard that the front carry is particularly popular with fathers. So get into our Omni models and explore the world together.