Babywearing benefits: why carry your baby?

  • Ergobaby
  • Feb 2, 2024

Carrying a baby close to you is probably one of the most beautiful moments in the lives of new parents. But then as a company that manufactures ergonomic baby carriers we would say that right? That’s why we wanted to know from you whether this is really the case. What exactly are your reasons for babywearing? There are plenty of babywearing benefits, but which ones motivate you the most? To find out, we took part in a babywearing survey conducted by 7,094 people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part. Many of them were already mums and dads, and the rest were about to become parents at the time of the survey. The aim was to find out how modern parents use, or plan to use a baby carrier in their everyday lives. And to what extent they think it contributes to building a bond between carer and child.

Babywearing benefits: do you really need a carrier?

But here and now we are interested in one thing above all: Why do you carry your children at all? Why do you use a baby carrier or sling? If you are currently pregnant but are still unsure whether you really need a baby carrier, these findings can certainly help you in your decision-making process. The following short-term and long-term benefits were identified by the parents we surveyed as their babywearing experience grew:

The main motive given by most of the survey participants is that babywearing strengthened their bond and closeness to their child/ren (52.6%). 36.9% also appreciate the fact that it is incredibly practical to carry a baby in a baby carrier. Babies are happiest when they are close to a parent or caregiver. If they do start to get upset, the one wearing them can react quickly to their needs – and still have both hands free to do everyday things or look after a sibling etc.

Using a baby carrier from birth – flexibility from the start

This freedom is incredibly important for more than half of those surveyed. Because when it comes to their own needs, 54% of all respondents said that a baby carrier gives them flexibility. Most parents use their baby carrier from birth (70.4%) or they start in the first two months (27.2%). So, if you are pregnant and wondering when the best time is to buy a baby carrier, then it makes perfect sense to do so before the birth. With a baby sling or a newborn carrier, you can get started straight away in the postnatal period.

Incidentally, almost all (97.8%) of pregnant first-time birthing parents plan to use a baby carrier. Around half of them plan to buy one in the third trimester or shortly after the birth. And just under half of all respondents had uses a baby carrier up to the age of 12 to 18 months (47.6%). This means that a baby carrier that lasts beyond the first year, such as our Omni, Adapt or Aerloom baby carriers, has more than paid off for most of them.

In the thick of it instead of just being there thanks to baby carriers

As we all know, a baby – no matter whether they’re newborn or older – calms down best when they are carried. And this is also often the quickest way for them to fall asleep in the first few months of life. It is therefore not surprising that 86.7% of participants found that their baby calmed down more quickly in a baby carrier and about the same number said that their baby fell asleep more quickly (83.7%). In addition, babies generally cry less often in a baby carrier (56%), according to the parents.

And even if the little love suffers from a tummy ache or their teeth break through. What helps best? Exactly, closeness. That’s why 47.9% of parents like to use a baby carrier when their baby is physically unwell. But all these observations are not just because babies are so close to their carers and enjoy this closeness. No, they can also be actively involved in everything their parents do (56.4%). From hanging out the washing and shopping to chatting to the neighbours.

Long-term babywearing benefits

As the majority (90.9%) of the mums and dads surveyed had already gained sufficient babywearing experience when we conducted the survey, we were even able to ask about the long-term effects of babywearing in a baby carrier. Parents observed that:

  1. the baby develops a healthy bond with the one wearing them
  2. the child can generally self-soothe better/faster
  3. babywearing has a positive effect on the child’s health (such as supporting healthy feet and hip development)
  4. the baby’s motor skills (such as their sense of balance, spatial orientation and coordination) develop faster

So if you are currently pregnant or still wondering whether you should carry your newborn – the advantages observed by experienced babywearing parents speak for themselves. And our experts also know that babywearing has so many more benefits than “just” bonding, which is of course infinitely important. Self-regulation and motor and emotional development are also positively influenced by babywearing.

Conclusion: Parents know about the many babywearing benefits

We’re thrilled that the result of this large babywearing survey confirms our conviction: a baby carrier – or baby carriers in general – are wonderful! And parents like you recognise that too. Baby carriers give you flexibility and give your baby so much of what they need. Physically, mentally, emotionally. And for us, we love to see that scientific findings and expert knowledge are also proving to be real benefits when applied in everyday life.

Many more babywearing benefits were highlighted in the survey. If you’re interested in the details take a look here. We will also be going into more detail about the bonding aspect here on the blog soon.