A baby carrier from birth and beyond? Why a baby carrier that grows with your child makes sense

  • Ergobaby
  • Apr 19, 2023
dad carrying daughter in Baby carrier

Have you noticed that all animal babies on this earth are carried by their parents? It’s no wonder; the basic need for physical contact, warmth, protection and movement is the same for all little inhabitants of the earth.

This also applies to human children. Babies anatomy is designed in such a way that they adapt optimally to the hip of their parents when they are lifted up. The spread squat position of their legs enables physiological, healthy carrying, keeping your child’s back in a natural position when supported in the correct, age appropriate carrier.

Carrying is the best way to transport your baby, from birth to toddlerhood. Provided you use a baby carrier that can be adapted to the growing needs of your newborn during every developmental stage.

Newborn baby carrier: What makes a good baby carrier last so long?

Our award-wining baby carriers are designed to carry your child from birth up to a toddlers body weight of 20.4 kg.

“Whaaaat?” Yes – a child can be carried in the same Ergobaby Omni carrier from birth up to the age of approx. four years old.

It’s hard to believe that the same Omni baby carrier is suitable for newborns as well as for children who are shortly about to start school. After all, during the same time frame, you change your child’s car seat at least once, their clothes size several times and not to mention the number of shoes you will purchase.

For a baby carrier to sustain longevity, it must be ergonomically designed and adaptable to the respective functional size, height, weight and developmental need of your growing child. All Ergobaby carriers are designed to grow with your child, such as the Omni Breeze or Omni Dream.

Ergobaby carrying positions

Our versatile Omni carrier:

Included in the carrier is an adjustable, padded headrest which provides optimum support and protection for your child’s sensitive head at any age.

There are three settings depending on the age and activity of your baby:

0-6 weeks:
Neck support inside, secured using lower buttons.
7+ weeks, asleep:
Neck support outside, secured using upper buttons
7+ weeks, awake:
Neck support outside, secured using lower buttons

It offers an adjustable carrier seat for your baby’s height using the Velcro tabs. This allows baby‘s hips and legs to be optimally supported and placed in the ergonomic spread squat position. There are three size settings on the waist belt to guide you depending on your little ones age and height:

  • Red for 0+ months (min. 50.8 cm/20 in)
  • Yellow for 2+ months (min. 61 cm/24 in)
  • Blue for ~9+ months (min. 71 cm/28 in)

Easy adjustable sliders for front facing inward carrying and front facing outward carrying.  When the sliders are fully up in the highest position, the fabric supports your baby securely, covering your little ones thighs and knees.    

When the sliders are down to the lowest position, this makes room for your baby’s legs to be carried in the front facing outward carry position.

Sliders Up, Inward Facing CarrySliders Down, Outward Facing Carry

An adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps, allow the carrier to be optimally adapted to the size and weight of your baby and the size, shape and height of the wearer. This guarantees the right fit for parents and the correct carrying height and position for baby.

Thanks to these adjustment options, our Omni baby carriers offer four different carrying positions that allow your baby to fulfil different needs at different stages of development, such as the need for closeness or the desire to discover the world around them.

For both front facing inward carrying and front facing outward carrying, make sure baby’s legs are supported and their hips are in an optimal position, you can use the Pelvic Tuck to achieve this.

Always follow the TICKS rules of safe baby wearing and read the instructional manual for your baby carrier before use.

Dad and daughter

How does a baby carrier last up to four years?

We would like to share with you one of our many secrets to our success, which makes Ergobaby the trusted partner for millions of families worldwide.

We promise at least 10 years of use for our baby carriers, and that’s with our ErgoPromise Limited Lifetime 10-year guarantee, which covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. So you can feel completely safe with your growing baby carrier not only with your first child, but also with your second or third child, and you can also pass it onto friends and family so they can also enjoy baby carrying too!

Ergobaby Guarantee

Do you have a taste for baby wearing?

Take a look at our online shop. You can discover our growing Omni Breeze and Omni Dream 4-position carriers in our new spring colours “Natural Beige” and “Natural Dots”.

Whether you are looking for a breathable carrier or a soft cuddly carrier,  ideally look for an ergonomic carrier to transport your baby from birth to toddlerhood.