8 top tips for stress-free shopping with baby

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  • Apr 11, 2024
Shopping with baby in a lightweight Baby carrier

Cuddling, feeding, changing nappies, and looking at your baby in love. This is what the first few weeks with your little miracle will hopefully look like. But at some point, everyday life catches up with you again. And that includes grocery shopping. It might seem unbelievable that a trip to the supermarket will feel like a whole day out once baby arrives but trust us, it will! However, shopping with a baby is different to what you used to know. It requires more planning and includes less browsing! But we’ve got you covered with our eight top tips for stress-free shopping with baby.

Shopping with a baby – how to make it work:

1. If you can, take support with you

As with most things baby-related, an extra pair of hands can be invaluable. Particularly while you find your feet. Having one person to push the trolley with baby and one person to grab items and pop them in the trolley can make the process much quicker and smoother.

2. Clever parking

If your local supermarket has parent/child spaces then use them! They are wider than regular spaces which makes getting baby in and out of the car much easier. If they don’t then look for an end of row space so you can have room on one side. If there aren’t any spaces that will give you extra room then the best spot is near a trolley return so you can grab one easily, and don’t have to walk far to put it back at the end of your trip.

3. Make a list!

Whether or not you were a list-maker before baby, it’s an essential once baby is here!  Because believe us, when shopping with a baby, you’ll rarely be fully focused. And an overtired memory just doesn’t work quite as well as it used to! A shopping list won’t let you forget anything and will stop you getting unnecessarily bogged down when you’re out shopping. And if you’re feeling really on top of things you could even draw up a meal plan for the whole week in advance. Put everything you need on the list and you’ll be ready to go. Future you will thank you. Then our last bit of advice on lists – make it on your phone so you can’t leave the list at home…

Shopping with baby in a stroller
Image : @wunderfitz_auf_reisen

4. The right baby equipment

There are two teams: team stroller and team baby carrier when it comes to shopping with a baby. And which team you are will depend on your baby, your preferences and the shopping trip in question. Both have their place. For example, if your store of choice doesn’t provide shopping trolleys and you only want to buy a few groceries, shopping with a pushchair makes sense. Pick a compact pushchair with a large storage basket (such as our Metro+ Deluxe). While you stroll through the narrow aisles with it, your baby lies safely and comfortably in the pushchair and you can pop all your bits underneath for easy carrying.

Shopping with a baby carrier makes sense if you have a big trip planned and can’t push a troller and a stroller at once. Or if you have a Velcro baby who won’t be put down, or you need to shop during nap time. In these instances, it makes more sense to put baby in your carrier and have two free hands. And a baby carrier with a privacy hood (such as our Adapt or Omni carriers) can help to protect baby from prying eyes or other environmental influences. Or, if they’re they type of baby that likes to see what’s going on, then a baby carrier allows them to explore these new, exciting (and potentially overwhelming) surroundings from a safe place.

5. Be prepared for spontaneous feeds

You fed baby before you left but just as you enter the supermarket, they’re hungry again! If you are breast/chestfeeding, you have the option of simply feeding your little one in your baby carrier. Or if you bottle feed then always have a bottle of milk to hand in the car or in your changing bag.

6. Don’t forget your nappy bag

Depending on how old your baby is and whether it is your first baby or not, you may already have experience with a sudden nappy or spit-up accidents. In any case, it is important to always have nappies, wet wipes, a change of clothes, creams etc. at the ready! Whether in the nappy bag, in the car or in your handbag. Or all of the above! And please think of yourself too! A small mishap and you need a fresh top. Sufficient fluids and a small snack are always a good idea too.

7. Choose the right time

Leaving the house with a baby can be complicated. Choose a time that works best for baby and when the shops will be a little quieter. If baby is happy napping in the stroller or carrier, time your trip so they’ll sleep while you shop. Or, let them nap on the way so they (hopefully) are happy for the duration of your trip. If you can, avoid shopping during rush hour or on a Saturday, when the streets and supermarkets are particularly busy. Because the longer shopping with a baby takes, the greater the risk that you and your little one’s mood will change.

8. Do the bulk of your shopping online

Online shopping is your friend! And we’re not just talking about those 3am night-feed-fuelled Amazon purchases. If you can get your weekly shop delivered it can save you a lot of work and potential stress. You can always pop out for anything else you need but it should be an easier/shorter trip.

Shopping with a baby – how do you do it?

So there you have it, our eight tips for stress-free shopping with a baby. Hopefully there was something useful in there. Soon we’ll back to talk about everything you need for a day out with baby so keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

Shopping with baby in a baby carrier
Image : @itschouki