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On the Move Sleep Bag

On the Move Sleep Bag - FAQs

  1. How long can I use my On The Move Sleeping Bag?
    The On The Move Sleeping Bag comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. The Medium sized sleeping bag is from 6 to 18 months (up to 28.3 in or 72 cm), while the Large sized bag is optimal for toddlers from 18 to 36 months (up to 32 in; 83.5 cm). It has adjustments both at the shoulder and the legs so you can get the right fit as your baby grows.
  2. Is the Ergobaby On The Move Sleeping Bag machine washable?
    Yes, all our sleep products are machine washable. We recommend washing the bag in warm water (40°C) in a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low to dry.
  3. Is the fabric heavy?
    Our On The Move Sleeping Bag is made of soft and breathable 100% cotton knit. The material is super cozy for baby and stretches with movement for additional comfort. Keep in mind that all babies are slightly different, and you may need to adjust the amount of clothing worn underneath the sleeping bag and/or the baby's room temperature based on your baby's individual preference.
  4. What materials are the On The Move Sleeping Bags made of?
    Ergobaby Sleeping Bags are made of soft, 100% premium cotton.
  5. What is the TOG rating for the On The Move Sleeping Bag?
    The TOG rating is a lightweight 0.5 TOG, perfect for warmer rooms or summer temperatures. Please note that PJs etc. should be worn underneath the sleeping bag. Also, for safe sleep we recommend keeping your baby's bedroom cool (about 18°C).
  6. How do I know when I should use the "Walker" feature of On The Move Sleeping Bag?
    The On The Move Sleeping Bag sizing starts at 6 months, and when your baby begins standing, crawling, or taking his first steps, it's perfect time to start using the walker function of the sleeping bag. You can choose to use the walker setting either for sleep, wake time, or both!
  7. What is the benefit of the 2-in-1 convertible walker feature?
    As baby learns to stand and walk, it's important to enable the freedom for them to do so. The feet openings allow for greater mobility, so baby is free to stand, crawl, or walk about while still wearing their cozy sleeping bag.
  8. How do I adjust the bag length for my growing baby?
    The On The Move Sleeping Bag grows with your baby in two ways: at the shoulder, and in the legs for Walker mode. Adjust the shoulder tabs to lengthen the bag as your baby grows. In the Walker mode, the bag has simple interior and exterior leg adjustment tabs you can easily snap into place. The interior tab allows you to hitch up the crotch of the bag based on your baby's height. You can then fine tune the fit with the exterior leg snap tabs as needed to ensure full range of mobility for your little crawler or walker. For more instructions, please visit the Ergobaby site for detailed instruction videos.
  9. What?s the difference between the Classic and On The Move Sleeping Bag?
    Both styles are made of the same soft 100% cotton knit and have the same TOG rating (0.5 TOG). Additionally, they BOTH feature adjustable shoulder snaps, a double zipper, and a seat belt slot. However, the Classic bag is our small bag for babies 0-6 months. It does NOT have the convertible 2-IN-1 walker design feature. The On The Move sleeping bag comes in size Medium (6-18 months) and Large (18-36 months) bag, designed specifically for older babies as they transition into a walker and need the added mobility.
  10. What should my baby wear under the On The Move Sleeping Bag?
    Appropriate sleep garments should always be worn underneath a sleeping bag. We recommend your baby wear breathable fabrics such as 100% cotton pajamas or onesies. Please refer to our dressing guide found in our manual and packaging for specific recommendations based on room temperature.
  11. Do either the Classic or On The Move Sleeping Bag come in different TOGs or fabric weights?
    Currently, our sleeping bag range is available in a lightweight 0.5 TOG. Stay tuned for additional TOGs as we continue to grow our range. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter to learns about new TOGs and cute prints as they become available!
  12. Is the On The Move Sleep Bag chemically treated with flame retardant chemicals?
    No, we don't use flame retardants in our sleep bags.