Accessories FAQs

  1. Is the backpack included with the stroller?
    No, the backpack-style carry bag is an accessory and is purchased separately.
  2. Is there a cup holder included?
    No, the Metro Stroller does not include a cup holder.
  3. Can I dock a car seat on the Metro Stroller?
    No, the Metro Stroller is not Car Seat compatible. We recommend using the newborn kit with infants.
  4. Can I attach a ride on board?
    Yes, the Metro has been tested for fit by Lascal, and confirmed to be compatible with their Maxi and Mini Buggy Board.
  5. Can I use the Car Seat Adapters on my Metro (not Metro+ Stroller)?
    No, unfortunately the adapters are not compatible with earlier models of the Metro Stroller, only with Metro+.