Your Guide to Tandem Carrying – from Carrying Consultancy Mother Rucker

  • Ergobaby
  • May 10, 2024

When I became a mother for the second time, one of the things I was most excited about was that I could start tandem carrying my daughter with her two-year-old brother! The options and choices for carrying both of them together were vast and I was so excited to try them all. You can use pretty much any type of sling or carrier for tandem babywearing. I quickly became adept at using one woven wrap to carry them both! However, when my toddler son wanted to get up and down a lot and my newborn daughter was sleeping – this swiftly became impractical outside of nap time. 

Stretchy wraps and buckled carriers soon became my “go-to” carriers. They offered flexibility, variety and I could get both of my children in and out independently of each other. As they grew, this evolved into using two buckled carriers for speed. 

As a Slingababy trained Carrying Consultant, I have also worked extensively with parents of twins and multiples to help them carry their babies singularly and together from birth. For the purposes of this article, I will be focusing on carrying two children at a time, both twins and siblings. If you need to look at how to carry more than two children at once, I encourage you to find your local carrying consultant or sling library for help. If you are in the UK you can use Sling Pages to find them.

Tandem Babywearing 

Tandem carrying – What you need to know

The first thing to consider about tandem carrying is the ages of your children. If you have twins, then the tandem carries available to you at different stages are different from those available to parents of siblings of differing ages. If you are looking at carrying siblings, it is very important that you have two carriers that are the correct size for your child. 

Tandem carrying is really useful when caring for more than one child, it allows you to meet both of their needs at the same time and still have your hands free to care for yourself. It is also great when you are out and about as it means you are free from the restrictions a double buggy may place upon you whether you’re hiking for a picnic or shopping in town. We call it a “ Mummy Sandwich” and it always made my two giggle, especially when they’re playing peekaboo over my shoulder! 

It is important to ensure that you are well balanced when carrying two children. You need to ensure that their weight is level whether tandem carrying both on your front, or one on the back and one on the front. You need to maintain a comfortable alignment. If one child is lower than the other, this can pull your back and as your body tries to compensate it can cause aches and pains. 

Today we’re going to look at a twin carry for when they are 6m+ using two Omni carriers. We’re also going to look at two sibling carries. One using an Aura Wrap with an Omni carrier and one using an Embrace carrier with an Omni carrier. I have also created a video series on YouTube demonstrating how to perform each of these tandem carries. 

Tandem Babywearing

Tandem Babywearing Twins 6m+ | Ergobaby Omni x2

  1. Clip both Omni carriers around your waist, with the back one on top of the front one.
  2. Use your favourite back carrying method to get one of your twins on your back. Ensure they are secure.
  3. Now, place your other twin in the carrier on your front.

Tandem Babywearing Siblings | Ergobaby Aura Wrap & Omni 

  1. Tie on your Aura Wrap and ensure you have enough room for your newborn child.
  2. Get your older child on your back using your favourite method.
  3. Place your newborn into the stretchy wrap on your front.

Tandem Babywearing Siblings | Ergobaby Embrace & Omni 

  1. Clip both waistbands around your waist, with the Omni on top of the Embrace.
  2. Loosely clip the straps of the Embrace around your torso.
  3. Use your favourite back carrying method to get your older child on your back using the Omni360. Ensure they are secure.
  4. Place your younger child in your Embrace on your front, tighten up the pre-clipped shoulder straps.

Always ensure both babies are secure and their airways are clear.

Will you try it?

Hopefully these tips and videos have given you the confidence to give tandem babywearing a go with your babies. For more advice or support from Mother Rucker head to her websiteFacebook, Instagram or TikTok or check out more videos on YouTubeThe MotherRucker Podcast is also available on all major podcasting platforms.