What you need during the Winter for your baby

  • Ergobaby
  • Nov 1, 2022

Are you ready for winter?

As the outdoor temperatures begin to drop, you may have some uncertainties coping in the cooler weather. That’s understandable, you know that your baby can’t regulate their own body temperature in the early stages of their development. Investing in the right baby equipment to get you both through the cold season may not as experience as you may think. The most important winter must-have for your baby is you, the parents. Nature is quite clever, it has made you the best heater and air conditioner for your newborn. To make use of this wonderful ability is to snuggle skin-to-skin with your baby. During winter, you can do this by wearing layered clothes or snuggle under a blanket. There are also a few additional items that may come in handy when you are out and about.

Our top 5 must-have items for winter with your little one.

1# A warm sleeping bag

The optimal sleeping temperature in a baby’s room is between 16 and 20 degrees. If it’s 21 degrees or colder, you can use a thicker baby sleeping bag to keep your little one nice and warm at night. Otherwise, make sure that your little one is sufficiently dressed, even in the sleeping bag. At room temperatures between 15 and 17 degrees, a short-sleeved bodysuit and a long-sleeved romper with a closed foot are ideal. You can find the right sleeping outfit for light (TOG 0.5) to thick (TOG 2.5) sleeping bags here.

2# Weatherproof your baby carrier

Carrying your baby in a baby carrier during the winter is no problem. All our Ergobaby baby carriers are all-season products. They become fit for winter with the right clothing and a fleece-lined winter cover. Our All Weather Cover has been designed for baby carriers, with a hood and adjustable foot protection, and can be easily attached to our Ergobaby carrier (except Aerloom and Embrace) with loops and poppers. Our All Weather Covers also fit other carriers available in the market.

3# Wind and weather cream

When you take your baby out in icy temperatures, wear a wind and weather cream to protect your little ones sensitive skin. The cream contains lots of oil and forms a protective layer on the skin against wetness, wind and cold. It also prevents the skin from drying out. It is best to apply such a cream when you venture outside into the cold.

4# A Footmuff for your buggy

On longer walks with bigger babies, a cosy footmuff for the buggy will keep your little one cosy and warm. This is also available as an accessory for our Metro+ stroller. However, it is important that you also dress your child in warm layers, hat, mittens and shoes. That way you’ll be ready for any adventure!

5# Winter footmuff for your baby in the car

If you use a car seat (car seat class 0/0+) for your child in the car, you can use a winter footmuff for the car seat in winter. Always take the car seat into the house so that you can put your child in it when it is warm. When it gets warmer, a fleece blanket, especially for the car seat, is sufficient. Important: Your baby should not wear a snowsuit or jacket in the car, otherwise safety cannot be guaranteed in the event of an accident. When you are in a warm car, open the footmuff – when you get out, close it again so that the cold wind doesn’t have a chance to sneak in.

We hope that with these 5 tips you feel better prepared for the cold days.