What to Wear for Winter Babywearing!

  • Ergobaby
  • Jan 8, 2022

What to Wear for Winter Babywearing!

A couple of months ago we shared our Top Five Tips for Winter Babywearing along with this handy Reel created for us by the brilliant @harrowslings. Now we thought we’d delve a little deeper and share our recommendations for exactly what to wear when babywearing during the winter months – for both parent and baby!

Dressing Baby


Overheating is the number one thing to avoid when dressing you and baby for winter babywearing. Start with fewer layers and add more if you feel baby is too chilly. When dressing baby, remember that your carrier counts as a layer of clothing and so do you. Your body temperature warms them up and if you wear a coat round you both or a winter weather cover this counts too!  Where possible, two-piece outfits or footless bodysuits are best. Onesies can sometimes pull up at the crotch and therefore pull on their feet. And remember, if you go indoors at any point, you will need to remove layers to keep baby (and you!) from overheating.

Image Credit: @jessicatan22

Avoid Snowsuits (Please!)

However cute a baby in a snowsuit is, it’s important that your little one doesn’t wear one when they are in a carrier or wrap. Not only could it cause them to overheat, but padded snowsuits can prevent your little one from sitting in an ergonomic, safe carry position. This is particularly important for very young babies. If they are not safe and snug in their carrier or wrap, their airways may not be adequately supported. Plus, they are less able to regulate their own temperature. Fleecy onesies can sometimes be okay, as long as baby is adequately dressed underneath them, they aren’t too bulky (aka they allow correct positioning), they don’t pull on baby’s feet, and there is no fabric covering baby’s face. If in doubt though we recommend steering clear all together!

Protect their extremities

Baby’s extremities are going to feel coldest, so mittens, a warm hat & socks/booties are essential whilst out and about in cold weather. Our pro tip… pack spares! These are some of the easiest things to lose out on a walk so it’s always a good idea to go prepared, just in case! Our Omni baby carriers come with a handy pouch which is the perfect size for your phone, some money, keys and spare pair of mittens!

Every time we post about wearing baby in the winter we get lots of comments recommending @wrapahug_sling_library‘s Babywearing Socks! You can get in touch via the info. shared here. Here’s what they have to say about their very special socks: “Keep baby’s toes nice and toasty with our awesome babywearing warm socks. Loved by babies all over the world (not an exaggeration!), these warm socks can be spread all over the leg or folded down. Knitted to grow with your baby, they expand and are very long-lasting. One size fits pretty much all babies. Handmade by real humans using using an old-style knitting machine. We work hard to rescue and buy yarn that otherwise would have been thrown away. They are £12/pair, with sales profits going into the Wrap a Hug sling library so Mel can keep supporting all of you, lovely parents! Pick up at the Bethnal Green sling library (it’s at my place, so appointments only) or free postage (with re-used packaging to be eco-friendly, large letter).”

Consider a Weather Cover

Specially designed to keep baby warm and dry, our Weather Covers are compatible with all Ergobaby carriers and other popular baby carriers brands! They easily attach to your carrier and there are two to choose from, so whatever the weather your little one stays snug and dry.

Dressing You


As with dressing baby, light layers are key! A good way to judge it is if you find yourself getting hot and sweaty at any point while carrying baby then you have too many layers on.

Wear Your Carrier UNDER Your Coat, Not OVER It

It might be tempting to put your carrier on over a coat or cardigan etc. to keep your warmth inside it but not only does this prevent you and baby from sharing warmth but it can also affect the fit of your carrier making it less secure for you and baby. Keeping them close also means you can more easily check your little one’s temperature and make adjustments as needed. You can just put an extra large coat around both of you. Or use your normal coat with a weather cover. Or you can buy specially designed babywearing coats which wrap around you and baby. For the ultimate guide to babywearing coats head over to the experts at @wearmybaby‘s guide to the Best Babywearing & Maternity Jackets and Coats. Just remember that it is likely that normal indoor clothes will be enough to keep both you and baby toasty if you’re both wrapped up in a coat together.

If you have any questions or would like us to check baby’s fit or positioning in your carrier don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can email us at [email protected], on Facebook or Instagram.