Discovering the World from a Baby Carrier with a Forward/outward Facing View

  • Ergobaby
  • Nov 23, 2022

You may think forward facing is unhealthy and a total sensory overload. Of course for such a controversial topic, we understand all perspectives.

Our thoughts always revolve around ergonomics and comfort, and this topic is no exception.

In 2014, we developed the Ergobaby 360, the first baby carrier for which parents could ergonomically carry their child facing forwards/outward facing. This carrying position, has a number of advantages that we will discover below. We will also tell you how you can tell when your baby is ready to be positioned forward facing in a baby carrier and what you should look out for.

Why carry your baby in a forward carry position?

Read the benefits for carrying your baby forward in a baby carrier.

Natural posture:

From 5 months, you can bet that you will sometimes carry your baby facing forwards in your arms. This is a natural position and part of normal intuitive baby handling. This is a replicate of what you do by using our ergonomic baby carriers, such as the Omni Breeze.

Observe the world with curiosity.

Did you know that newborn babies’ eyes can only see up to 25 cm? Between 5 to 6 months, your baby can adopt a completely new perspective in the front carry and train their eyes whilst developing spatial awareness. 

The world from a baby’s point of view is incredibly exciting. Whether it’s taking in the views on your daily walks, looking at all the food in the supermarket or smiling at passers by. Their emerging curiosity can be supported by using an ergonomic baby carrier with a forward/outward facing view.

Promotes motor skills and communication skills:

Before your baby can walk, their spine has to straighten up before they can walk on their own. The front carry position supports this uprightness. This also promotes bonding as you can both actively do things together such as water the flowers in the garden whilst talking about what they are seeing and doing.

And what’s better? You have two free hands to do other tasks and take care of siblings at the same time. You can also baby carry when needing to go to the toilet, eating at the dining table or relaxing on the sofa by easily integrate your baby into everyday family life.

Ergonomically positioned:

As with inward-facing carrying positions, the front-carry position with your child facing forwards is also ergonomically positioned:

Their legs are supported in a squat-spread position.

A supported back and a relaxed position for the head.

In other words, just like our other carrying positions, hanging legs don’t stand a chance.

Scientifically supported:

Our Omni carrier, which allows for front/outward facing carrying, has been tested and certified by both the AGR (Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V.) and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

When is your baby ready to be carried forward in the baby carrier?

This is how to find the right time to start front carrying:


Your baby should be tall enough for their chin to protrude above the top edge of the folded-down headrest of your carrier. Otherwise the view, airways and head position will be obstructed.

Top Tip: As soon as you have placed your baby in your carrier, tilt their pelvis under so their bottom slides deep into the bottom part of the carrier. This movement places your baby a little deeper in the carrier, in an ergonomic position. Make sure your baby still fits and is tall enough for this position once deep in the seat.

When curiosity grows:

Babies develop a natural interest in the world around them and want to discover it. From approx 6 months, you can show them more and more of the world. The four different carrying positions of the Omni Breeze and Dream allow you to always flexibly respond to the situation and individual needs of your child.

On the hip, your baby can turn their head outwards and discover the world or hide with you when they feel like it. For long walks, the back carry is best. You can be comfortable and protect your own back at the same time, just like wearing a backpack.

The front/outward facing carry is great for being at home or relaxing in the garden when you want to explore your home environment together. You can see why the Omni baby carrier is our absolute all-rounder.

What should you look out for when carrying your baby forwards in a baby carrier?

Babies have immature nervous systems and are easily overstimulated by too much noise, activity and environmental stimuli.

Use the front/outward facing carry in line of sight only to a limited extent. It is best to use this position in a low-stimulus environment. For example, in a playing field or your garden for 10 -20 minutes. This way your baby will not get over stimulated.

Start front/outward facing carry sat on the sofa on your lap. This is a familiar position and a good way to use a baby carrier forward for the first time. This way your baby is in a familiar environment.

Look out for signs of overstimulation

If your child is tired and exhausted after a short period, turn your baby inwards so they feel secure and can take a rest.

Not for sleeping.

If your baby wants to cuddle or take a little daytime nap, then it is best to place your little one in the inward facing position or back carry. The front/outward facing position is suitable for awake and alert explorers.

Pay attention to the correct position.

Make sure you maintain a healthy posture when carrying. It is important to set the Omni carrier in the outer most position using the Velcro adjustment on the waist belt. The sliders on the bum bag, should be pushed all the way in. This always ensures good support for the legs in the squat position.

aby in the front/outward facing baby carrier and explore the exciting world of your little treasure together.