Wearing Your Carrier in the Summer Heat

Wearing Your Carrier in the Summer Heat | Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh in Carbon Grey

Yes Yes Yes! Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, it is warm and our fingers are crossed that it will stay for a while now. In these warmer to hot temperatures, we often get asked whether it is still okay to carry baby in a carrier. Is it not too hot for baby?

Here are some quick tips on keeping cool and confident while wearing your baby in warm weather.

Thin Layers

Your carrier or baby wrap acts as at least 1 extra layer of clothing, so it’s important to keep baby lightly dressed when using a carrier.  You should still have spare clothes in your luggage – just in case that british weather changes! Fabrics made of natural fibers such as bamboo or cotton are the fastest drying and are breathable, so are often recommended. Speaking of being breathable: In the summer,  mesh material is naturally most suitable, because they are permeable to air and additionally provide cooler temperatures while in the carrier.

Protect baby 

Parents will tell you that a muslin has a 100s of uses and it’s never a bad idea to have one close to hand. Draping a muslin over exposed little arms and legs can help shield from the sun, but suncream should still be used as it’s still possible to burn through the thin fabric.

All Ergobaby carriers come with an integrated sunhood (folded into an open or zippered pocket on the back panel). This can be attached to one side or both sides on the shoulder straps, to allow flexibility.

If baby doesn’t like to wear their sunhat, wearing a sunhat with a wide brim yourself can help keep baby shaded too.  Be sure to take regular breaks in the shade to help you both keep cool.

Photo Credit : @jagochjuno

Keep Hydrated! (And don’t forget about yourself!)

It’s important that both you and baby are drinking plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. If you breastfeed, breastmilk will keep your baby hydrated. You may find that baby wants to nurse more often. Bottle-fed babies can be given cooled boiled water throughout the day alongside their usual feeds. Make sure you are looking after yourself too, by taking a bottle of water to keep up with the extra demands on your body.

Switch it up!

When it’s hot outside, wearing baby on your chest can feel like wearing a hot water bottle, so you might find that a different carry position is more comfortable for you both.

If baby is old enough try a hip or back carry in your Ergobaby carrier.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier
Hip Carry Position, Suitable from 6 months+

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier
Back Carry Position, Suitable from 6 months+

Choose a Lightweight Carrier or Baby Wrap

There are a number of carriers and baby wraps on the market, which are specifically designed for wearing baby in warm weather. They are commonly made with more lightweight, breathable fabrics.

If you live in a warmer climate or will be regularly travelling to hotter countries with your little one, these are definitely worth considering. Afterall, it’s easier to warm up on a cold day, than cool down on a hot day.

Our Cool Air Mesh Collection carriers have breathable, quick-dry mesh fabric panels and a 100% polyester construction, keeping them light and perfect for carrying on hotter days.

Our Aura Baby Wraps are made of 100% Viscose, from eucalyptus & acacia, not only making it a lightweight and breathable, but also super soft on baby’s delicate skin.

On the whole, wearing a baby carrier is definitely achievable even in summer so go and enjoy!