Top 5 Tips for Summer Sleep

  • Ergobaby
  • Jun 4, 2021

Top 5 Tips for Summer Sleep


For some parents a good night’s sleep is as mythical as unicorns, and in the summer months, with more light and warmer temperatures it can be even harder to achieve a full night’s rest. But we’re here to help with our Top 5 Tips for Summer Sleep! We can’t promise they’ll have you all sleeping through the night but they will help optimise your baby’s sleep environment to give you all the best chance for some shut-eye this summer. And remember, no matter where you are or whatever the weather, the safest way for baby to sleep is to be placed on their back on a firm flat surface with no loose covers or items around them.


1. Blackout Blinds

Longer days might be lovely in lots of ways, but they can play havoc with little ones’ sleep! If you’re at home, temporary blackout blinds (we like ones with suction cups for ease of use) can be used to keep baby’s room dark, hopefully letting them know it’s still time for sleeping. And bonus, you can take then with you on holiday to create a darker environment away from home too.


2. The Right TOG Sleeping Bag

How many times have you woken up in the night in the summer because you’re boiling hot, and then you end up tossing and turning for ages trying to get cooler so you can back to sleep? Well babies are the same and for them it’s even more important to keep an even temperature as being too hot can increase the risk of SIDS. Loose covers can also be a SIDS risk meaning sleeping bags can be a great option for giving parents peace of mind and babies better sleep whether it’s nap time or night time.

Our Sleeping Bags and On The Move Sleep Bags are suitable from birth to 3 years and have adjustable shoulder straps to help customise the fit for your little one as they grow, as well as a two-way zip for easy night-time nappy changes. There’s even a harness slot for easily transferring little ones into strollers and car seats if you’re travelling, and the On The Move Sleeping Bags have tuck away feet holes – perfect for transitioning from sleep time to wake time with a new walker or toddler who’s always on the go!

Check out our handy guide for making sure you’re dressing baby in the right clothes under their sleeping bag:


3. Fan and/or Dehumidifier

As well as dressing your baby correctly, controlling the temperature in their room can be helpful too. The Lullaby Trust recommend keeping baby’s room between 16-20°C where possible. Humidity can also play a part in how well babies sleep, particularly if they have allergies or a summer cold, so a humidifier/dehumidifier (we recommend a cool mist humidifier for safety!) can be a useful tool for some. You can get fan and humidifier combos which tick both boxes at once, just make sure any airstreams aren’t pointed directly at your baby’s sleep space.

4. White Noise

Your neighbour’s rowdy BBQ (your rowdy BBQ!), the family in the room next door in the hotel, an older child screaming with excitement at the new sprinkler system… there are a hundred noises that could disturb your little ones slumber during the summer months, and a white noise machine can help drown them all out as well as helping to create a familiar environment for sleep which can help little ones drift back off when they wake.

5. Don’t Forget Naps

And last but not least – don’t forget about naps! The better weather means getting out and about a lot more, so thinking ahead to nap times can really make a difference. Replicating your little one’s home sleep environment as much as is realistic can really help them settle. So… a comfy stroller with plenty of padding, a deep recline and a sun-protection hood is an absolute must, you can purchase products such as a SnoozeShade to keep the space nice and dark (this is much safer than using a muslin or blanket draped over the stroller which can make them too hot and prevent you from being able to easily check on them) and a portable white noise machine can help too. And if all else fails, we’ve never known our Ergobaby sleepy dust to fail so pop on your carrier and get moving!

Bonus Tip for Babies Under Three Months/Who Aren’t Yet Able to Roll:

Swaddling babies is a safe, easy, and effective way to keep newborns sleeping longer and more peacefully and our Swaddlers are an easy-to-use alternative to a traditional swaddling blanket. They have escape-proof arm pockets to keep baby swaddled snugly while they sleep and a leg pouch for quick, stress-free nappy changes. This special, ergonomic design prevents babies from startling awake and allows for natural movement of baby’s hips and legs – as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The ultra-soft, breathable cotton is cosy against babies’ skin, and machine washable making parent’s lives quicker and easier.


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