The lightweight Aerloom baby carrier wears like a second skin

  • Ergobaby
  • Feb 9, 2023

Have you heard of our Ergobaby Aerloom Baby Carrier before? If not, it’s definitely time you did. Because with this premium baby carrier, our product developers and designers have literally outdone themselves. As the first baby carrier of it’s kind like this on the market, the feather-light Aerloom uses special manufacturing techniques that weave it in one piece while making it breathable, allowing it to individually mould to each body of wearer and carrier.

What parents want: A super lightweight, space-saving, custom fit baby carrier

In all the years since Ergobaby was founded, we’ve heard from parents time and again that they want a lightweight and breathable baby carrier. One that folds up small and can be stored compactly, in a space saving way. One that is also comfortable, but is still easy to use. What can we say? “Challenge accepted”, so our product developers went in search of innovative techniques and materials in other industries to design a baby carrier that could fit to your body in the most comfortable way.

Aerloom Baby carrier - Production

Aerloom baby carrier: inspired by sports shoes

During their search, our developers came across, among other things, slip on sneakers made of a mesh material. You know….the flexible sports shoes that you can slip into, just like that? They adapt individually to your foot and are lightweight and breathable.  After some trial and error, our designers found a knitting technique that is so stable, you can safely carry your baby in it! This innovative, seamless knit design now known as FormaKnitTM redefines comfort by stretching and shaping to fit the unique contours of your body, creating a supportive, custom fit for both you and your baby. Thanks to the ultra-light and flexible fabric, it weighs just 660 grams, folds up to fit in your change bag, is breathable and wears comfortably like a second skin.

Aerloom Baby carrier - Material

87 percent of knit is made from recycled bottles: Reducing the CO2 footprint with Aerloom

Another incredible achievement for our designers is that the Ergobaby Aerloom is made from yarns obtained from recycled plastic bottles (certified according to the Global Recycled Standard). The buckles, sliders and everything that is not made of FormaKnit is also Bluesign® certified. This means it is produced in a water- and energy-saving way with low emissions. The entire inner lining, as well as the hip belt lining, are made of 100% cotton (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, of course). And to avoid excessive stock, each new collection is only produced in small quantities. So by buying this 3-position baby carrier you are also helping to provide a lighter carbon footprint and at the same time provide the best comfort and fit for you, and your baby. Sound exciting? Then take a look at our online shop and discover the three new Aerloom designs Aurora, Spruce and Misty Morning, as always only available as limited editions. That’s why you’ll only find the Aerloom baby carrier at selected retailers.

Aerloom Baby carrier Spruce
Aerloom Spruce

And if you decide to buy your favourite Aerloom design: Of course, it will arrive in a recyclable shipping box (lifetime ErgoPromise guarantee included). So it will be a faithful family companion for at least the next 10 years and can be passed on from baby to baby, from adventure to adventure.

Aerloom Baby carrier Aurora
Aerloom Aurora