The best baby bouncer, according to the experts!

  • Ergobaby
  • Nov 15, 2023
best baby bouncer test

We love it when you test our products. That’s when we really find out what you like about our practical everyday helpers and where we can improve. It’s important we know if we’ve really got the best baby bouncer out there and if we can make it even better. So after we tested our Ergobaby bouncer, the Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer, with 26 families at the beginning of this year of which we received 5 out of 5 stars, we wanted to put it to the test with the professionals. We asked twelve midwives and health experts (from 7 midwifery practices, 1 physiotherapy practice and 1 parent-child competence centre) and their families (more than 100 people in total) what they think of our ergonomic and evolving bouncer.

“Great everyday companion” – the Ergobaby Evolve impresses in the baby bouncer test

What can we say? All participants, experienced baby experts from the field, would recommend our Evolve 3-in-1 baby bouncer with full conviction.  They said things like the bouncer is:

  • “the best baby bouncer I’ve seen in practice”
  • “really comfortable, adapts well to the child’s body and allows even the smallest children to rock gently and independently”
  • “a great everyday companion”

And that:

  • “The baby, whether newborn or a little older, can sit properly in the bouncer without having to constantly correct the baby’s position. (…) A really great product”

We were thrilled and honoured to receive such incredible feedback especially about the positioning and ergonomics of our bouncer, and from trusted experts too! We’re incredibly proud of our Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer and it seems like we have good reason to be.

Ergonomics is right at the top

When the health experts and midwives test one of our products, they scrutinise it to ensure it is suitable for everyday use – with a particular focus on ergonomics. And the experts believe that our Evolve 3-in-1Bouncer ticks all the boxes. Especially for the smallest babies, thanks to the removable newborn insert. Their spine is very well supported and their head has great posture, stability and freedom of movement. According to the experts, this prevents a flat back of the head. The way it supports the child’s hips in the spread-squat position was also praised.

Evolve Bouncer – also something for older children

The participants also liked the fact that older children sit more upright than in other bouncers. In general, they liked the fact that the bouncer grows so easily and can therefore be used for a long time and in many different ways. Whether as a bouncer for newborns (from 2.5 kg), for babies without a newborn insert or as a seat for toddlers up to around 2 years (approx. 13.2 kg).

Pleasing handling

The testers also unanimously praised the ease of use of the Ergobaby Evolve. Especially in their daily work: “I can always offer the bouncer to all my clients as it can be adjusted quickly.” In addition, all children can be quickly soothed or relaxed in it thanks to the “smooth rocking function”. An experienced paediatric nurse from the neonatology department, who also looks after premature babies on the side, was impressed by the product in practice: “The Ergobaby bouncer offers parents a safe place to put their baby and they feel very comfortable in it. I also love the fact that it is suitable for babies from 2.5 kg and that mums can get ready in the bathroom, for example, and still have their baby close by.” It offers flexibility in every situation and everyone is happy.

The best baby bouncer? The results are in! 

Our Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer is designed to be a practical all-rounder – like so many of our products. From the point of view of the midwives and experts who tested it – it is the best baby bouncer! It offers them flexibility because it is easy to store and easy to take with you. It offers the option of safely positioning the baby for a short period and a cosy reading chair for older children. It offers relaxation, the opportunity for activity and a change of perspective. And did their 100 or so families think so too?

In short: yes. The testers were consistently impressed by the safety for their children, the high-quality materials, the ease of cleaning, the long service life and the weight and handling of the bouncer: “It is lighter than other models and the harness is much quicker to fasten.” Above all, however, they unanimously enjoyed the brief moments of relief it brought, the break that the Evolve was able to give them. Because their kids were simply happy in it: “At last the little one is calm and content when he’s not in my arms, I’m thrilled,” reports one mum. And another mum was delighted that her baby could relax in it when he had a tummy ache. In short, the Evolve baby bouncer is “a good short-term babysitter in everyday life”, as one test family aptly describes the Evolve. And that’s exactly what we think it should be.