Sleep for Longer with Ergobaby….just ask little Lexi!

  • Ergobaby
  • Jan 9, 2017

Sleep for Longer with the New Swaddler + Sleeping Bag Set, so say’s mum Adeline.

Adeline, Mum of Lexi (11 weeks) has been testing out the NEW Ergobaby Swaddler + Sleeping Bag Set. Read below to find out how they got on :

Little Lexi using the Elephant Swaddler + Sleeping Bag Set

Little Lexi using the Elephant Swaddler + Sleeping Bag Set

”Ergo have not only made a beautiful product with cute designs, but have also combined two sleep products into one for ease and longevity! So many baby items have a short shelf life but by having a swaddle separate to a sleeping bag means that this product adapts as your child grows older.

The swaddle part is extremely easy to use, with allocated slots for the arms to make it easy to wrap and not battle against those flailing arms! Any beginner would find this easy! As my daughter had been swaddled for 6 weeks before I started using this product, she preferred her arms by her side rather than on her chest, so I didn’t need to use this feature but could easily still wrap her in the way she was used to.

Now at 11 weeks we are probably close to giving up the swaddle but I am amazed that I have been able to continue using it for so long. She was able to release herself from other products on the market, which had an affect on her sleep. Whereas the Ergo swaddle has plenty of fabric and strong Velcro to keep her arms in place. Even after lots of washes! Great to keep her sleep on track and has helped her to sleep for longer stretches at night.

I am extremely happy with this product and hope that the transition of sleeping unswaddled should be a lot easier in part by the fact that she is already used to the sleeping bag that she can continue to use until she is 9 months.

What a great product and a welcome addition to our sleep routine!” Adeline, Mum of Lexi (11 weeks)

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