Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe Compact Stroller? Two premium strollers for all occasions

  • Ergobaby
  • Mar 16, 2023

Pssst… have you heard the latest news? Our Metro+ compact stroller is no longer travelling solo… It’s now roaming the streets with a new companion: the Deluxe edition. And what a companion it is… the elevated style and exquisite taste in colour combined with comfort in a compact package makes it so desirable we want to go for a ride in it too!

You can tell – we’re totally in love! The new, luxurious Deluxe Edition of our Metro+ compact stroller offers you all the great advantages that the Metro+ already offers and adds luxurious details. You and your little one can look your best and feel your best, wherever you go.

But we want to tell you what extras the new stroller comes with, so you can find out which premium Metro+ stroller suits you and your family best.

Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe Stroller

Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe Stroller – which stroller is the best?

First of all: both premium pushchairs offer maximum comfort, are important everyday helpers, practical when travelling and are made of high-quality materials. Metro+ and Metro+ Deluxe are also certified by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.. so they are back-friendly for your children and also for you as a pusher. This is supported with good suspension, the particularly thick multi-zone padding, the adjustable backrest (175°) and the height-adjustable handlebar. In addition, both are light weight and easy handling, which allows the stroller to be folded with one hand to a compact size (44 x 54 x 25 cm). This means that the premium Metro+ strollers not only fit in any car boot, but even in the hand luggage compartment of most aeroplanes. But that’s by no means all: thanks to the newborn nest, both buggies can be used from birth and can therefore also be used as space-saving second stroller or even as your main stroller from birth. With this we want to say: the choice is yours, which one suits your individual taste and needs?

Metro+ Deluxe Edition – what’s new?

More premium quality fabrics

The Metro+ is already No. 1 among ultra-compact premium strollers when it comes to seat pad thickness* (*thickness measured by an independent third party laboratory). But the Deluxe Edition now brings even higher quality materials to the frame, soft and plush fabric on the seat cover and uses a woven-textured sunshade fabric. While the vegan leather on the support bar, matches the leather handlebar and catches the ‘eyes’ as you walk down the street.

metro+ Deluxe fabrics

More storage space for everyday things

An expandable storage basket with 22% more capacity than the Metro+ storage basket: that’s more groceries and shopping you don’t have to carry!  You can even store your baby carrier for easy use.  The shopping basket also adjusts for open or closed storage.

metro+ Deluxe storage space

A practical drink holder

Whether it’s for your coffee-to-go or your child’s water bottle – with the cup holder, cups and bottles are always within reach. No matter at what height you need it, it can be attached to different parts of the frame of the Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe. So if you decide to buy the Metro+ or already have it at home: this practical accessory is now also available as a separate accessory or comes included with your Metro+ Deluxe.

Metro+ Deluxe Cup holder

Support bar for everyday adventures

The easy-to-fit vegan leather support bar gives little ones something to hold on to when going for a walk. It folds with the stroller without increasing the folded size and is included with the new Metro+ Deluxe.

Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe Stroller

New stylish colours

The Metro+ Deluxe comes in two stylish colours: London Grey and Empire State Green.

The new grey tones in the seating area and the new colours of the sun canopy are simply striking.

So the only decision left is yours: Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe? Still can’t decide?

Visit your local retailer and take them for a spin.