Hello summer! How to carry your baby safely even in the heat

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The warm season is finally here. But with the sometimes sweaty temperatures, many parents ask themselves: Can I also carry my baby in a carrier in summer? And of cou,rse we have a few good reasons why you can. For one, you can easily go anywhere with the carrier and reach any lake or mountain, or take a stroll in the sand. On the other hand, pushchairs and prams can quickly become a risk factor in summer when it comes to dangerous heat build-up. It is often parked in the sun because the hood provides shade and usually also has UV protection. Then many parents put a cloth over the front of the hood to protect their little one from the sun and suddenly it gets boiling hot inside the pushchair. And the problem is: no one notices because the child is hidden behind the cloth and the hood. Overheating happens more quickly than when you’re carrying, because you can feel the baby close to your body and have a better view of how your baby is doing. However, there are of course a few things to keep in mind so that you can get through the hot season together safely.

The 10 best tips for babywearing in summer

1. Avoid the blazing sun and midday heat – especially with a baby in a carrier. Therefore: If possible, stay in the shade and go for walks in the morning or evening, when the sun is not so bright.

2. Sun protection: when you have your baby in a carrier, it is of course important that all parts of the body are protected from the sun. And not just with sun cream, but ideally with longer, airier clothing. Breathable fabrics made of natural fibres such as bamboo, linen, cotton or silk, possibly with UV protection, are ideal. They also dry more quickly if you do start to sweat together. A parasol (like an umbrella, but with UV protection) also provides cooling shade and can be easily taken along.

3. Sun hat with neck protection: the lighter the fabric, the less heat it attracts.  While our carriers include a sun hood for sun protection, you can use it to keep the sun off your face, please always leave the side of the face uncovered. After all, your baby should still get enough fresh air. Therefore: Always wear a sun hat with UV and neck protection.

4. Babies can’t completely regulate their own temperature at first. So when you as parents sweat, you are like the air conditioner for your child but completely natural air conditioning! Parent’s can cool and warm their babies through their skin – depending on whether they are too cold or too hot. So take advantage of this wonderful feature that has been given to you.

5. Don’t dress too warmly: Remember that the baby carrier replaces a layer of clothing. So when carrying your baby in the summer, it’s better for you and your baby to wear one layer less and bring a change of clothes in case your baby gets out of the carrier sweaty or it gets chilly.

6. Baby carriers with mesh: especially for warm days, carriers with particularly air-permeable fabrics are ideal to avoid sweating too much with your baby. And at Ergobaby we have lots of them, for example our Ergobaby Omni Breeze the new Sage Green colour or the Adapt SoftFlex Mesh in the new Graphite Grey. You can find an overview of all breathable summer carriers and information about their differences here.

7. Drink plenty of fluids: when it’s warm, drink plenty of fluids yourself. Breastfeed your baby as needed or bottle feed more often than usual to meet the increased need for fluids. Please note that newborns and babies should remain “water-free” until 6 months of age.

8. Check the temperature: When you are out and about together in the heat, it is best to check regularly on your child’s neck and between the shoulder blades to see how warm he or she is. Signs of overheating can include hot, moist skin, a red head, rapid, shallow breathing, restlessness and exhaustion. At the first signs, a baby should be taken immediately to a cool room or, if necessary, to a doctor.

9. Listen to your gut feeling. No, you don’t have to go outside every time the sun shines. Even if you used to, your needs change when you have a baby and safety always comes first. So please listen to your gut and cuddle up on the sofa at home or find a shady spot under a tree in the park when it’s extremely hot.

10. Avoid pressure points. If you want to carry your baby with bare legs, make sure that the material of the carrier or sling does not cut into the baby and cause pressure points. If the temperature allows it, thin leggings that go up to the back of the knee are the best choice.