Five children, One carrier: Growing Up with Ergobaby

Chelsea Jean

How many children have you carried through small or big adventures in your Ergobaby baby carrier so far? One, two or even three of your children?

Indeed, our high-quality carriers withstand quite a bit. Due to this fact, we are now offering you the NEW ErgoPromise Guarantee, our manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship of baby carriers and wraps, extended to 10 whole years.

The best examples for the endurance of our carriers are Chelsea Jean Aaron and her husband Mann Ryan from the US, who, by the way, you should recognise from our ErgoPromise Guarantee video. The picture-perfect family from Maui have been using their Ergobaby Original for 12 years already! This means that currently – no joke – baby number five (!!!) is carried through the world in it. Yes, you heard it right: one carrier, 12 years, five children. Back when Chelsea Jean Aaron‘s firstborn was only eight months old, she found the carrier in a second-hand shop and bought it.

Chelsea Jean

She has not thought about replacing it ever since – she does not even entrust it to her husband, who always seems to modify “her” shoulder straps, as she tells us in her interview with our American associate blogger. She is impressed by the everyday helper – even to this day. No back or shoulder pain, she takes it with her on shopping trips, walks in the rainforest or the beach and lets her currently one-year-old baby West sit in it even when interacting with her other children (Charlie Rose, 12, Cash, 10, Bennett, 8, and Jack, 4). Carrying it on her back is what she prefers because this way she feels genuinely free while still being very close to her baby. That was also the case during her six-week trip through Europe. Because there, a carrier was a necessity as well.

Chelsea Jean

In general, she cannot imagine a life without the baby carrier anymore, as family life with five children can be way too chaotic. But this way, she can be there for everyone, and still fulfill her other duties. And when the day finally comes that she will not need the carrier any longer (which is is said to be the case now – after child number five), she intends to pass it on and bring happiness to the next mother. Because there is one thing she is entirely sure of: her Ergobaby Original will carry a lot more children in its lifetime.

Chelsea Jean

So you see, the warranty of 10 years, or as we like to call it: the ErgoPromise, absolutely makes sense and we do not simply advertise it carelessly. No, indeed, we are certain about Ergobaby’s strong endurance. And besides, carrying a baby in an ergonomic way is not supposed to be a burden on the parents or the child. It should only bring you joy – over the course of many years.


All image credit : @chelsea.jean