European Babywearing Week 2023: Why do YOU want to wear your baby?

  • Ergobaby
  • May 7, 2023

From the 8th to the 14th May 2023, we are celebrating European Babywearing Week, which is themed “Facets of Babywearing”.

We know there are many reasons to carry your baby.

  1. Simply because, anatomically speaking, it is the most natural place for a newborn to be.
  2. It promotes the bond between parents/caregivers and child and at the same time strengthens trust.
  3. You have your hands free to do the hundred (or thousand!) things you need to do in a day.
  4. To stimulate the flow of milk and to breast/chest feed on the go if that’s how you feed your baby.

We could go on forever – but we want to ask you: why do you want to carry your baby?

Every family has their own personal reasons for carrying their baby. This has a lot to do with which baby carrier is right for you. For example, if your reason is that you want to be especially close to your baby in the fourth trimester (the first three months of life) – preferably skin to skin – then an Aura baby wrap or an Embrace baby carrier might be the best choice for you.

Embrace Ergobaby newborn carrier

If you prefer to be very active with your child as you are an on the go person, you are best equipped with a breathable baby carrier such as the Omni Breeze, the Adapt SoftFlex Mesh or the oom.

Is there anything greater than discovering the world together with your child?

For lots of people they want a carrier that allows them to vary the carrying positions, including a back carry at an older age or see the world together in an outward facing carry. Most of our Ergobaby carriers offer three or even four different carrying positions.

As you can see, not all baby carriers are the same. There are many facets to babywearing and for every family there is a carrier that suits them best.

It’s helpful to find your “WHY” before you start your baby carrier research.

A particular design, colour or brand alone is meaningless if the carrier doesn’t meet your everyday needs… or the reason why you want to use it.

Top Tip: Find your own individual motivation, take advantage of our online babywearing advice or let an experienced babywearing advisor help you personally with all your babywearing questions.