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What to do in case of mastitis (inflammation of the breast/chest)? Prevent, recognise, treat

  • Ergobaby
  • Mar 7, 2023
Breastfeeding problems

There is nothing better for mum and baby than breast/chest feeding. A well-functioning breast/chest feeding relationship is something wonderful. But what few people talk about is: inflamed nipples, milk retention and mastitis which can also cause a lot of pain for new mums. If left untreated, or treated too late, mastitis can even lead to…

Introducing Our Partnership with Hope and Homes For Children

  • Ergobaby
  • Jun 16, 2022

  Transforming systems. Changing lives.  Hope and Homes for Children is a global expert in the field of deinstitutionalisation. Their aim is to close institutions whilst supporting children into loving, stable families and working with governments to tackle the root causes of family breakdown. They are working towards a day where orphanages have been eliminated…

Cosiness, Comfort and Simplicity: The Ergobaby Embrace is Now Available in Soft Air Mesh

  • Ergobaby
  • Apr 8, 2022

Specially designed to keep newborns close, our Embrace carrier combines the softness of a baby wrap with the ergonomic comfort of our more structured carriers. A faithful companion from the moment baby arrives, the Embrace makes the transition from pregnancy to family life feel as gentle and safe as a tender embrace. You can focus on…

NEW Omni Dream Winter Bloom Print

  • Ergobaby
  • Jan 27, 2022

NEW Omni Dream Winter Bloom Print   Spring is on the way! No, really! But if you can’t wait for spring flowers then our new Winter Bloom print Omni Dream baby carrier is here to brighten your day! 📷: @ frankeevictoria Maximum air flow meets maximum comfort with the NEW Omni Dream baby carrier. Made with…