Last month, we had the pleasure of working with CARiFiT and Scandinavian Londoner life & style influencer, Anneli Bush, creating some babywearing fitness masterclasses to help strengthen and tone your postnatal body.

Not just fit…


Squat & Press Masterclass

This is motherhood in a single exercise…squatting down and picking something up!

We just want to train your body to do it properly and by using the correct muscle and using your core for support.

If ever a move was going to protect you from common motherhood related aches and pains, this is it.


Curtsey & Curl Masterclass

Your new world requires a lot of carrying and holding – so make sure you check out the bicep curl 💪.

This workout will help provide you with both upper arm and grip strength.

The curtsey lunge shown will help to strengthen the legs and glutes and build much needed endurance to cope with the demanding days…and nights!


Side Squat & Leg Raise Masterclass

Squat and side kick is a move that will really make you feel the burn in all the right places 🔥

Motherhood does not exist in straight lines, so this move is designed to strengthen and enhance the performance of your lateral core and trunk stabilizer muscles.

This in turn takes huge pressure off your back when you are standing and holding baby.

The side kick element forces you to fire your glutes and both abductors and adductors meaning high performing and athletic looking legs…!



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