CARiFiT & Ergobaby : Stronger, Happier and Close Enough to Kiss

  • Ergobaby
  • Jan 8, 2018

We are super excited here at Ergobaby HQ to be able to share
our incredible news about our NEW collaboration with CARiFiT!

Safe, fun, results-driven postnatal Babywearing workouts brought to you by Ergobaby and CARiFiT!

Devised by an ante and postnatal fitness expert and approved by leading health, fitness and babywearing authorities, CARiFiT workouts are done whilst wearing the baby, offering new mothers the chance to get back into shape and bond with their baby. This mission is echoed in Ergobaby’s drive to help new parents achieve anything, big or small, #inmyergo. Their award-winning carriers are comfortable, convenient and safe to use for both baby and parent, in all stages of development – including during a workout! By maintaining the baby in close proximity, the bond between parent and child is reinforced, reducing separation anxiety, and helping to reduce symptoms of postnatal depression.

CARiFiT x Ergobaby

CARiFiT workouts are carefully structured to be safe yet results-driven, with constant consideration for the comfort and wellbeing of the baby so by partnering with Ergobaby, CARiFiT is delighted to be able to offer further confidence to new parents that both parent and child can benefit from the physical effects of these innovative workouts.

Ergobaby carriers are ergonomically designed to cradle the baby in a natural ‘M’ sitting position and to evenly distribute the baby’s weight between the carrier’s hips and shoulders. Ergobaby carriers are the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics and are suitable for babies and toddlers from 3.2-20 kgs/7-45 lbs.


All the elements of the CARiFiT workouts have been carefully and purposefully designed to be highly effective yet safe and the results are quickly apparent. The name CARiFiT stems from the structure and design of the workouts yet it cleverly encompasses the integration of the baby via the babywearing aspect of the programmes.

Put simply, the letters represent the following:

C – Cardio

A – And

R – Resistance

I – Intervals


CARiFiT is the brainchild of Vern Hill, an ante and postnatal fitness expert who is also a father of two! He is supported by a team of industry leading fitness professionals as well as top doctors, midwives, physiotherapists and babywearing experts who all have contributed to this fantastic workout plan. Speaking of the new partnership with Ergobaby, Vern said:

“As a parent, I understand all too well the importance of keeping the baby close and the major benefits of correct babywearing. Having trained ante and postnatal fitness clients for over a decade, I knew that the limitations of a baby’s routine and the effects of separation anxiety often create an obstacle for parents hoping to get back into exercise and, as such, CARiFiT offers a solution. Ergobaby make the world’s finest carriers and have themselves changed the world of babywearing and parenting. Like CARiFiT they also work alongside a team of medical advisors and experts to ensure both parent and baby have the best experience possible. Both Ergobaby and CARiFiT share the goal of making parents lives easier whilst keeping babies safe and close.”


Amanda Loveday, Marketing Manager at Ergobaby UK commented:

“At Ergobaby we are passionate about making carriers that support babies perfectly throughout every stage of development, and empower parents to enjoy life with their babies to the full. We love CARiFiT workouts, and their goal of supporting parents who want to get back into exercise whilst keeping their baby close is the perfect fit for our #inmyergo campaign. We’re incredibly excited to work with them in celebrating all the adventures of parenting, big or small!”

As part of the partnership Ergobaby will be sharing a workout each week on Instagram and Facebook

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To find out more about CARiFiT, visit and
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