Breastfeeding support with the Ergobaby Natural Curve; nursing pillow

  • Ergobaby
  • Aug 5, 2022

World Breastfeeding Week starts from the 1st until 7th August, we are supporting the wonderful topic of breastfeeding with advice and some top tips from our experts.  Some of you may be surprised to learn that Ergobaby has a lot of expertise in this area. Not only do we have our experienced midwife Katrin Ritter on hand to provide us and you with advice and valuable tips on breast/chest feeding but we also have a nursing pillow in our range.

The Natural Curve™ nursing pillow has an ergonomic shape and was specially developed for the correct belly-to-belly position when breast/chest feeding. The cosy pillow with the cuddly soft (of course washable) cover is dimensionally stable and helps you to position your baby correctly and at the optimum height – for easier latching and all-round healthy and back-friendly breastfeeding. A practical carrying handle also allows you to readjust the breast/ chest feeding pillow or to carry it from A to B. Thanks to the special curvature, you can try out three different feeding positions, which we would like to introduce to you here.

Three best breast/chest feeding positions for the Natural Curve™ nursing pillow

1. Cradle position

This is the most common feeding position. Your baby lies with his head in the crook of mum’s arm, their tummy resting against mum’s tummy. Mum’s other arm supports the baby’s back. Of course, it is important to switch sides so that your breasts/chest are emptied evenly.

2. Cross position

Your baby’s head and neck lie in your right hand, for example. Baby’s body lies on your bent right arm and close to your body, belly to belly. Then place the baby on the opposite side (here on the left). This way you can better align the head for latching and guide it to the nipple. With your free hand (here on the left) you can support your breast and make latching easier. This position is therefore especially good for the beginning of your breastfeeding relationship, as you can give your baby more support.

3. Back position

This position is also called the football position because you are holding your baby under your arm. It is particularly useful for large breasts/chest, caesarean births or low birth weight. Your baby lies between your mother’s upper body and your bent arm. Their legs are behind your body. You hold their head in your hand and with your free hand you can easily support the breast/chest.

Preparation is everything – relaxed breast/chest feeding with the Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow

Before you start using your nursing pillow, it is important to prepare yourself for breast/chest feeding. Depending on the type of baby you have, breastfeeding can take a long time. That’s why it’s good to make yourself as comfortable as possible, whether you sit cross-legged or with your legs bent and a small footstool. Also place something to drink and a snack nearby. Breast/chest feeding takes energy and your breasts/chest need plenty of fluids to produce milk. It’s also best to go to the toilet beforehand so that you don’t have to take your baby with you in the middle of a feed. It’s also a good idea to have a cardigan or blanket at hand in case it gets chilly. And one more thing: breast/chest feeding is an intimate moment where your baby will eventually seek your eye contact. So try to really enjoy this intimate time together and don’t distract yourself with your mobile or the TV. This will also help you to feel whether your baby is properly latched, whether he or she might be asleep or full.

Well, then you’re ready to go! We wish you a wonderful breast/chest feeding time. You can also find lots of tips on breast/chest feeding and common breast/chest feeding problems using the search function in our blog.