A Million Moments: #inmyergo turns into #ergomoments

  • Ergobaby
  • Mar 20, 2021

A Million Moments: #inmyergo turns into #ergomoments


Did you know that every day, around 360,000 babies are born all over the world? That means every hour, tens of thousands of new moms and dads become part of a huge global parenting community. They are all suddenly parents and experience the same big and small miracles, challenges and uncertainties all over the world at any time of the day. No matter the circumstances, their culture or habits, they are all united by parenthood.


We at Ergobaby get to be a part of it. We get to experience and shape the millions of moments that make up your life as a parent. Some are challenging, some are wonderful, some are filled with worry and anxiety, others are so full of love and contentment. From baby carriers to swaddlers and Metro strollers, our Ergobaby products help support families around the world in these situations, ultimately making everyday life with a baby easier.


And that’s exactly why we went for a new slogan: ‘A Million Moments. Love Every One’, which will accompany us everywhere as a brand from now on. What does that mean for you? Just this: #inmyergo will be #ergomoments from now on. So continue to show us the moments in your life when we can accompany you with our baby carriersnursing pillowssleeping bags or strollers.


Let these countless moments become memories and share them with us and with all parents out there. Show that we are all one and go through the same beautiful and, at times, difficult moments. With the addition of #ergomoments, we’re going to make these million moments visible while sending inspiration and motivation around the world.