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What to do in case of mastitis (inflammation of the breast/chest)? Prevent, recognise, treat

  • Ergobaby
  • Mar 7, 2023
Breastfeeding problems

There is nothing better for mum and baby than breast/chest feeding. A well-functioning breast/chest feeding relationship is something wonderful. But what few people talk about is: inflamed nipples, milk retention and mastitis which can also cause a lot of pain for new mums. If left untreated, or treated too late, mastitis can even lead to…

How to: Breast/chestfeeding a newborn – Everything you need to know for the early days with baby

  • Ergobaby
  • Apr 4, 2024

Breast/chestfeeding has so many benefits for mum and baby. But unfortunately, first-time parents with no experience are often unsure when it comes to breast/chestfeeding after birth. After all, they don’t know exactly what to expect. They hear and see a lot in advance. From glossy social media images of happy breast/chestfeeding to well-intentioned advice from…

Stress and breast/chestfeeding problems – what’s the connection?

  • Ergobaby
  • Mar 19, 2024
Baby breastfeeding

You’ve waited so long for the moment when you finally hold your little baby in your arms. This breath-taking moment, these incredible emotions, this miracle… And yet for many mums (and dads too), this moment heralds a phase characterised by expectations, pressure, and stress. Ideally, of course, this shouldn’t be the case. But unfortunately, in…

Self-Care in the Fourth Trimester

  • Ergobaby
  • Feb 21, 2019
Ergobaby UK | Self-Care in the Fourth Trimester | Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap in 'Wine'

Originally posted on Abby is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist at Burd Psychotherapy in San Diego, CA. She specializes in Perinatal Mental Health, which includes mood and anxiety disorders, trauma and loss. In her free time she occasionally blogs at Baby Bird’s Farm and Cocina, where she shares adventures in natural parenting,…