Ergobaby Away Baby Carrier

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A lightweight and compact carrier for last minute trips, “this took longer than I thought” moments, tired little legs, and everything in between. Ergobaby Away is the perfect carrier that conveniently stows and goes with you, ready whenever you need it.

Age: 4-36 months (12-35lbs / 5,4-15,9 kg)

  • Packs small, weighs just over 1 lb (609g)
  • Two options to stow and go
  • Convenient hang loop
  • Privacy hood for sun protection and breastfeeding
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee

At A Glance

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Comfort for all
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Safe and Secure
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Product Features

Compact and Comfortable
Quick-to-access pocket prevents carrier from dragging on the ground when not in use.
Away Carrier Integrated zipper pouch
Integrated zipper pouch so carrier compactly stows and goes with you.
Away Carrier Hang loop
Hang loop lets you snap carrier around bag or stroller handles without compromising space.
Carried folded evolve bouncer photo
Reflectivity on front and back keeps you safe when walking at dusk.
Away Carrier Hideaway hood
Hideaway hood for protection and privacy.
Away Carrier Lightly padded shoulder straps
Lightly padded shoulder straps for comfort.

Product Details:
Babys Age: 5,4-15,9 kg
Stored dimensions: 20 x 10 x 26,5 cm
Machine Washable 30°C
Carrier Weight: 609g
Waistbelt range: 52,5 – 112cm

100% Polyester

Carry Modes

Front Facing In
For 4 months+
Omni Breeze carrier outward facing carry photo
Back Carry
For ~6+ Months
Omni Breeze carrier inward facing carry photo

Awards / Certifications

AGR cartificate for Away Carrier


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  1. How long can I use the Ergobaby Away baby carrier, in terms of baby's age and weight?
    The Ergobaby Away is suitable from 12 lbs / 5.4 kg until 35 lbs/15.9 kg. This is from around 4 months up to around 3 years old.
  2. When can I start using the Ergobaby Away baby carrier with my child?
    The Ergobaby Away carrier is designed for older babies (12-35 lbs / 5,4 - 15,9 KG. It is a great secondary carrier for parents, grandparents or care givers to keep in your change bag for those just in case moments.
  3. Do I need to use Ergobaby Infant Insert with the Ergobaby Away baby carrier?
    No. The Ergobaby Away is intended for older babies and cannot be used with the Ergobaby Infant Insert to accomodate carrying with newborns.
  4. How many positions can I carry my baby in the Ergobaby Away baby carrier?

    You can use the Ergobaby Away in Front Carry Inward Facing and Back Carry positions.

    Your baby's height and developmental milestones will determine the best mode to use.

    • - Front Carry Inward Facing – Min. 12lbs / 5,4kg to Max. 35lbs / 15,9kg
    • - Back Carry - Baby can sit upright unassisted and a min. weight of 17.2 lbs / 7.8 kg and max weight of 35 lbs / 15,9 kg. This is usually around 6 months.

    Please refer to the instruction manual and instructional videos for each carry mode before using your Ergobaby Away baby carrier and before attempting new positions.

  5. Can my child forward face in the Ergobaby Away baby carrier?

    No. The Ergobaby Away carrier is not designed for babies to face outward.

    If you're interested in an Ergobaby carrier that allows an outward-facing position, we recommend the Omni Breeze or Omni Dream baby carrier.

  6. Can I breast/chest feed with the Ergobaby Away baby carrier? How does it work?
    Yes. All Ergobaby Carriers are breast/chest feeding friendly. Just loosen the shoulder straps a bit and slightly lower baby to position on your breast/chest . Always stay vigilant while baby is nursing, and reposition after feeding, so baby’s face is not pressed against your body. Baby should be moved to recommended carrying position immediately after breast/chest feeding, remove slack from straps, and adjust so they are close enough to kiss.
  7. I find it hard to reach the buckle on my back to fasten or unbuckle it. What should I do?

    Loosen the shoulder straps prior to putting shoulder straps on and fastening the chest buckle. This will give you sufficient slack in the straps to easily reach the buckle behind your head/neck, without having to reach down your back. It is critical to maintain enough tension on the shoulder straps to keep baby secure while attaching the buckle.

    Additionally, you can try the “T-shirt method” of putting on the carrier. This allows the chest clip to already be fastened before you put on the carrier. We recommend watching the instruction video on “T-Shirt Method” for step by step instructions.

  8. What's the difference between Ergobaby Away with other Ergobaby baby carriers?

    Ergobaby Away is a lightweight, back-up baby carrier with multiple ways to store compactly, so you always have a baby carrier on hand. From quick trips to the supermarket store to walks to the local park, whether with a stroller or on the train. Ergobaby Away is the perfect carrier that conveniently stows and goes with you, ready for whenever you need it.

    Ergobaby Away is designed to carry babies from 12-35 lbs / 5,4-15,9 kg. Ergobaby also offers other baby carriers that carry from newborn to toddler (Omni Breeze, Omni Dream, Adapt, or Aerloom) and a newborn only carrier (Embrace). If you're looking for an everyday baby carrier with all-around comfort and functionality from newborn to toddler, consider looking into the Omni Breeze or Omni Dream baby carrier.

  9. How long can I carry baby at any one time?

    Like all Ergobaby products, the Ergobaby Away baby carrier is designed with you and your baby's comfort in mind. It's lighweight and compact design makes it the perfect carrier to have with you as back up for last minute and quick carries.

    If you're looking for an everyday baby carrier designed with more padding and functionality for longer wearing like going for walks, out at the park or longer travel, we recommend our Omni or Adapt carriers.

  10. Which carrier accessories can I use with the Ergobaby Away?
    Ergobaby Away is compatible with Drool Bibs, Drool Pads, All-Weather Cover, and Rain Cover.
  11. Does the Ergobaby Away have a baby hood?
    Yes, the hood is tucked in a small pocket underneath the neck pillow. When in use, it provides protection from the wind, privacy for nursing baby, and shade for sleeping baby.
  12. Are there any certifications acknowledging the Ergobaby Away carrier as ergonomic?
    All Ergobaby carriers have been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as "Hip Healthy" products and awarded a Seal of Approval by the AGR of Germany as back healthy for babies and parents. The AGR Seal of Approval is awarded to products whose back-friendly design has been verified by an independent testing committee made up of experts from various medical disciplines. For more information go to
  13. Is the Ergobaby Away baby carrier machine washable?

    All our baby carriers are machine washable. Make sure to fasten all buckles before washing. We recommend putting the baby carrier in a pillowcase or use the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag which is available on our website.

    If you are using the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag, place the carrier inside the bag, close the zipper all the way into the zipper cover and wash as usual together with other clothes next to the bag at a maximum of 30°C. Use mild detergent free of bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brighteners.

    Once your machine cycle has finished, remove the damp baby carrier from the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag, and air dry on the washing line. Remove any captured fibers from the hem and dispose of them in the non-recyclable waste.

  14. What material is the Ergobaby Away made from?
    The Away carrier is made with multiple materials that allow it to be durable, compact, and comfortable. This includes materials like a ripstop, polyester material on the outside part of the carrier and a breathable, 3D mesh that lines the inside of carrier.
  15. What are the measurements of the carrier when it is packed?
    It measures 8” x 4” x 10.5” (20 x 10 x 26.5 cm) when stored in its zippered pouch, allowing it to go with you without compromising space
  16. How much does the Ergobaby Away baby carrier weigh?
    It weighs 1.3 lbs or 609 g.
  17. What sizes does the Ergobaby Away baby carrier fit?
    It fits sizes from XS-XXL.
  18. What are the measurements of the shoulder straps and waistbelt (Away)?
    The waistbelt range is from 20.7 in/52.5 cm to 44 in/112 cm and the shoulder strap loops expand from 22.8 in/58 cm to 55.5 in/141 cm.
  19. Does the Ergobaby Away baby carrier come with the ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee?
    Yes, as with all our baby carriers and wraps, the Ergobaby Away comes with the ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee. If you find a manufacturing or material defect, we will replace your carrier or part at no charge. We stand by our products so you can carry your precious cargo with confidence.