7 Reasons Why Parents of Newborns Love Our Embrace Baby Carrier

Let’s face it: there’s nothing quite as exciting as the first few weeks after a birth, with that little, incomparably good-smelling creature suddenly part of the family. For parents, this time usually means overwhelming love, unprecedented responsibility and, at the same time, endless questions. Now it’s about getting to know each other and building a bond. That’s why everything should be as simple and stress-free as possible. Warmth, quiet and lots of cuddle time are the most important things now. But why do so many new parents choose our Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier at this particular time?

Here are the most important reasons:

1. SIMULTANEOUSLY NEAR Our Embrace carrier bears its name for a reason. It’s like a warm, cosy hug, so cuddly and super comfortable. Ideal for cosy cuddles and perfect for building the bond between parent and child.

2. EASY TO HANDLE No complicated tying techniques – with the Embrace, three buckles guarantee easy handling.

3. ERGONOMIC An adjustable waistband and padded leg openings support the natural squat-splay posture (M-position) of the child’s legs. The seal of the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Healthy Back Campaign) confirms the carrier’s back-friendliness.

4. FLEXIBLE Embrace grows with your baby. You can use your baby from birth until the end of the first year of life – i.e. until your baby weighs approx. 11.3 kilos. You can carry your newborn (from 3.2 kilos) in the ergonomic inward facing position. To do this, you can simply fold the waist belt in twice at the beginning. This shortens the back panel and the narrower part acts as a bar. This way your little one will neither disappear in the carrier nor will his or her tender little legs be overstretched. When your baby is older (from about 5 months), you can also carry him in the ergonomic outward facing position.

5. PARENT-FRIENDLY Carrying your little treasure day and night can strain your back in the long run. That’s why the Embrace baby carrier has crossed shoulder straps that you can fan out to relieve the strain on your back by allowing your baby’s weight to be distributed more evenly. In addition, the supportive waist belt distributes your baby’s weight evenly.

6. FEATHER LIGHT AND SPACE-SAVING When you’re out and about, you can simply roll up the Embrace baby carrier, which weighs just 480 grams, and store it in your change bag.

7. NEEDS ORIENTED Just as different as your babies are, so are their needs. That’s why the Embrace baby carrier is available in two different materials. The Embrace Soft & Snug Knit is made from super soft, stretchy jersey fabric. The Embrace Soft Air Mesh carrier is made of breathable mesh fabric that keeps you cool even on warm days or during sweaty activities.

So, are you now a fan of our Embrace baby carrier? If you’re not sure, why not try it on at a specialist baby store? Then you can also try out our other carriers, such as the various models of the Omni or Adapt carrier. But don’t be surprised: You won’t find the Aerloom everywhere. But you will find it in our online shop. We hope you enjoy your choice and are sure that you will find the perfect carrier for you and your baby with Ergobaby.