Top Tips for Flying with Baby

Top Tips for Flying with Baby | Ergobaby

Summer is here and we are hoping it will stay, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll be counting down to that family holiday!

Whether your planning on playing on the beach, or splashing around in the pool with the little ones, but before you reach your destination, there’s just the small matter of getting there.

Travelling on a plane can be a real challenge for parents of young children or babies, even packing before you get on board is stressful enough without the fear of other passengers and what they might think or say when things don’t quite go to plan.

So, how do you ensure baby and you are as relaxed as possible for the flight? Check out some of these tips from our Marketing Manager, Amanda Loveday, who recently travelled with her 4 month old baby all the way to New Zealand!

Make it easy for yourself

Trying to understand what your allowed and not allowed to take through the airport can be so confusing!  Look for a travel buggy that is super compact and lightweight so if those little legs get tired they have somewhere to rest and of course help carry your gear!  Talking about gear on a 24 hour flight I took 50 nappies so I can tell you the Ergobaby Metro definitely came in handy at the airport and during transfers.

Be honest

Chatting to the airline staff and letting them know it’s your first trip with little one definitely helps; whether your a nervous flyer or even if your worried about breastfeeding on the flight or how to warm bubba’s food.  Being upfront with the airline staff made it easier for them to help us with what we needed during the flight.

Use a baby carrier

Flying with a baby or child can disrupt so many patterns for them and can make them quite unsettled and all they want is cuddles to help settle them or to go to sleep.  Using a carrier on the flight allows you to be hands free; super helpful for eating and walking up and down the aisles and as most parents will tell you….carriers have a magic sleepy dust that you will be super grateful for when flying!

Time for sleep

If you’re flying at the same time as your little one sleeps, make sure you carry everything your baby would usually need for a good sleep. With any luck, they’ll sleep for much of the flight, and if not you have your carrier ready at hand to help with that magical sleepy dust.

Top Tips for Flying with Baby | Amanda & Cooper | Ergobaby UK Top Tips for Flying with Baby | Amanda & Cooper | Ergobaby UK Top Tips for Flying with Baby | Amanda & Cooper | Ergobaby UK

Travelling with little ones is always an adventure, but planning and having the right gear with you definitely makes it easier and more manageable.