Ten Ways to Better, Safer Sleep

Ten Ways to Better, Safer Sleep

Safe sleep is something all parents think about, and something parents many experience anxiety about. Whether your child is sleeping in your room, co-sleeping, or sleeping in their own room, the aim is always to reduce the risk of SIDS by putting them down to sleep in a safe environment. And knowing they are as safe as can be will hopefully mean you can sleep better too!


Here are some safe sleep tips :

1. Always place baby on their back to sleep, with their feet close to the end of their cot, crib or moses basket (“feet to foot”).

2. The ideal room temperature is between 16-20°C.

3. Cot bumpers, bulky bedding and soft toys should be removed, as these can be a suffocation hazard.

4. Keep your baby away from smoke throughout your pregnancy and after birth.

5. Make sure baby’s mattress is flat, firm, waterproof and fits the cot, crib or moses basket with little to no gap around the edge.

Ergobaby UK | Safe Sleep Tips | On the Move Sleep Bag in Silver Moons

6. Avoid letting your baby get too hot. Your baby should be dressed in light clothing for sleep with a lightweight blanket or well-fitting sleep bag.

7. When using a sleep bag, ensure it fits your child properly or else they could wriggle down, allowing the bag to cover their face. Ergobaby Sleep Bags have adjustable shoulder straps to allow you to adjust the fit, giving you peace of mind.

8. If you choose to swaddle your baby, it’s important to use light materials, never swaddle above the shoulders and do not swaddle too tightly. Ergobaby Swaddlers are made from 100% cotton and allow a hip-healthy swaddle position.

Ergobaby UK | Safe Sleep Tips | Swaddler in Heart to Heart

Did you know?
All Ergobaby swaddlers and sleep bags are approved as ‘hip-healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
Find out why this is so important here.

9. Don’t sleep in the same bed as your baby, if :

  • You smoke, drink or take drugs
  • There are older children or pets on the bed
  • Your baby was born prematurely or was of a low birth weight
  • Baby is swaddled with their arms inside

10. Never sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair.