Start your adventure with a breathable baby carrier…

Summer is here and the sun is shining. Who wouldn’t want to go exploring and discover the world together with their child? Whether it’s the beach, the woods, the sea, the mountains or the lakes, it doesn’t really matter. Because with the lightweight, breathable baby carriers from Ergobaby, you are prepared for every adventure.

Always fresh – with mesh

Ergobaby offers (almost) every baby carrier model in two materials. On the one hand, there is always an airy and very breathable version with mesh material and on the other, a cosy version made of cotton or jersey. It is clear that baby carriers made of mesh allow even more air to circulate, provide you and your baby with fresh air from outside and dry faster. As summer is just around the corner, we would like to take you into the light and airy world of our mesh fabrics. As we head into the warmer season, they are ideal companions for everyday life with baby, on trips out and about or for anyone who likes to be active a lot. Perhaps you’ve already read our blog article where we explained the differences between the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh and our revised model of the Omni Breeze with the new SoftFlex™ Mesh. Today we would like to delve deeper and give you an overview of ALL mesh models.

But where are the differences?

If you are now slightly confused as to whether these are all the same fabrics, we would like to tell you that each material is specifically selected for the respective baby carrier and its function. Because we are relentless in our research when it comes to maximum breathability for active families.

It all started over 10 years ago with the first Ergobaby mesh carrier, the Performance Carrier – made for active parents who were on the go a lot and wanted a breathable baby carrier in outdoor design – a bestseller. Of course, our baby carriers and mesh materials have always been put through their paces, or rather – tested for comfort, breathability and ergonomics by parents and children in their millions of uses worldwide, and Ergobaby has continued to develop them with medically experienced experts. 

Cool Air, Soft Air, SoftFlex, or FORMAKNIT™? The right carrier for every need

The Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh was Ergobaby’s first baby carrier to offer four ergonomic carrying positions. It is infinitely adjustable from birth and provides a good supply of fresh air thanks to its airy mesh on the back panel and shoulder straps. An absolute favourite with active parents.

Our innovative evolution was then born in 2021, taking functionality, comfort, ergonomics and breathability to the next level – the Omni Breeze. With its large, diamond-shaped mesh structure of the new SoftFlex™ mesh material, inside and out, it is the most breathable baby carrier that can do it all. Over 90% of the carrier is made of mesh and thanks to the generous ventilation holes in the waist belt and lumbar support, summer and the next adventure can definitely arrive now.

If you’re looking for an even lighter and cosier carrying solution for the time being, wrap your newborn in our latest “Ergobaby”, the Embrace Soft Air Mesh, which weighs just under 420g. Whether it’s directly after birth in the hospital, the first few weeks at home in the postpartum period or even for the next adventure – the single-layer, breathable mesh in the back panel and the shoulder straps in combination with the soft fine knit fit almost all proportions perfectly and offer unique wearing comfort, also thanks to the crossed shoulder straps.

We mustn’t forget our favourite with the three carrying positions: the Adapt SoftFlex™Mesh. Equally well-equipped with ergonomics, comfort and breathability as our Omni Breeze, it only omits the front carry (4th carry position).  On the other hand, our SoftFlex™ Mesh versions have a small highlight to offer in terms of safety. They have high-quality reflectors, both at the front of the carrier and at the back.

And for all of you who love sustainability, we wouldn’t want to deprive you of our Aerloom baby carrier, which is available in the Ergobaby online shop and selected specialist retailers. The very first knitted baby carrier is made from cosy and stretchy FORMAKNIT™, which is made from 87% recycled deposit bottles. The large mesh zones provide integrated air circulation and with the unusual designs you will definitely be an eye-catcher on the catwalk in the city!

Are you ready for your adventure? Then click directly into our online shop to browse. We always recommend trying out our carriers in a specialist shop or with one of our well-equipped babywearing consultants. This way you are sure to find the carrier that suits you best!